Monday, February 19, 2007

The Valentine Rundown: Our Valentine Party

After school was a typical Wednesday confusion. LOL With Scott away we had to call in Scott's mother as a back up. lol
I picked up Holly from school and brought her home where a cake was baking for supper. Got Holly ready for hockey while Nanny came over to babysit and Katelyn got home on the bus. Went off to skating, while Nanny took Annika and Katelyn out to pick up Taylor from school. Then they went back to our house to wait. Holly and I skated, then we went and picked up Pizza! With Scott and Grampy away, we had our OWN party at home!

First we ate the Pizza and Garlic Fingers. The kids werent all that hungry, having just had sooo much CANDY lol but lots of pizza was eaten.
Then we had a cake Annika and I baked before school ended.

The girls decorated it with some cinnamon hearts, but didnt each much, again, the candy. LOL That's ok I loved it.
Then gifts OH yes gifts. I dont always do gifts but made it special this year with Daddy away :)
Nanny gave the girls the Cinderella 3 movie. It's been watch over and over and over LOL. They each got some socks and some little Valentine's day treats.
I got them each a Webkinz that Annika helped me pick out. Taylor got the Golden retriever, almost as good as a real one.
Holly got the BullFrog, completing her Frog Family. She has a Lilkinz frog, a Frog, and a treefrog.
And Annika got the cute little Hippo! ilove the soft colour!

After dinner and treats it was almost bed time. Valentine's day is done!

Oh I did get a treat from Daddy, before he left he gave me the black Vest I wore on Valentine's day, and some scrapping Things.

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NancyJones said...

lloooks like you racked up girl!!!