Thursday, February 08, 2007


I don't think I have seen many people with kids who Don't know what a Webkinz is. But I have no doubt there IS someone out there who does not know what Webkinz are. They are ONLY the latest craze to hit. Remember Beanie Babies? Remember Cabbage Patch Kids? ok they arent as bad as Cabbage Patch kids. These you CaN actually find most of the time.

It's a toy. Yup a toy. And although we have had these "toys" since last spring, they have become a HUGE craze, especially since they were on the top ten best toys list from the Canadian Toy-testing Council just before Christmas.

Webkinz are stuffed animals. They dont walk or talk or do anything technical. They are adorable, stuff beanbag animals. UNTIL you take their secret code, go to the Webkinz Website, and put their secret code into the correct adoption blank. Yes you adopt them online. Then your Webkinz comes to life! LOL when you now log onto the site, your webkinz is there waiting for you, in his or her room, for you to do jobs, play games, feed it, care for it, and buy it things. LOL It's really quite something else! There are many many educational games, and it teaches responsibility, budgeting, and care. They come with a room, so the first thing one needs to do is make sure the Webkinz has a bed. This is of foremost importance because when you leave webkinzland, your Webkinz must be in bed. This is the way to keep it healthy. Dont leave it bouncing on a trampoline while you forget for 2 days. It wont feel very good when you come back. And they do get sick, if not cared for correctly. Will they die? I dont know. We wont be taking that chance.

SO my girls LOVE Webkinz. And their friends love Webkinz. IT's almost becoming one of those status things. I have THIS many and you only have THAT many. I'm sure the school will be banning them soon, like they tend to ban everything to "even up" the status, IYKWIM. Like that could happen. But I mean seriously how many of these things can you play with at once?

16. that's how many. My girls, between the three of them, have 16. Oh and we cannot forget, some are L'ilKinz. These are smaller versions of the Big Kinz, but they do the exact same things. LOL. There are 16 webkinz living with us. The kids adore them. They take one or more everywhere we go. They treat them like babies. They carry them in special carrying bags. They LOVE them. They all have names and rooms and hobbies hahahahah amazing!

So going on the internet to play with these babies is quite a privilege. Aha! LEverage! I can get almost anything done by these kids if I promise some Webkinz time. Win Win, if you ask me :)

I created a tribute to these little toys. It's such a huge thing in the girl's lives right now. Some kids like nintendo, some love polly pockets. My girls want Webkinz right now. I might find them under beds in a few months, their online pets forgotten. But right now, this is what they do :)

This paper bag album was created with black paper bags and Stampin' Up! Loves Me patterned papers, Flirty fibers, and various punches and brads, lots and lots of stamps and inks to match.

As of this date we have 16 Kinz Kids, 7 L'il Kinz and 9 Big Kinz.

There are such cute pockets to tuck tags and stuff into. Check out my Chatterbox Doodlegenie doodles? LOL

They each have a new Webkinz pal now, thanks to the other Mommy and the Sleepover. LOL

Notice all those ribbon Clusters, Wolfie??? I believe there are three, and I am almost Positive that fullfills the latest Elsie Challenge ;)


erica922 said...

wow Teri I never never heard of those toys before, thank you so much for include that information, Ill look for a store here in miami :)

Gaspegirl said...

lol... so that is what they are! Nope never heard of them over here either! I may have to look into it though!

Wolf said...

Those are so cute! Love the tribute...and Yes, I do see the ribbon cluster...LOL So Mondya we will be up for a new challenge...YAY! I will be getting mine doen between now and Sunday.

Sassette said...

Oh TL, this project is absolutely beautiful! I had no idea what these little things were, so I am smarter now, than I was when I woke up this morning!;)

Laura said...

I have never heard of these boys have never mentioned anything about them! Your paper bag album is awesome.

Kristi-Anna said...

Hi! I didn't know what Webkinz are... JA doesn't either, as far as I know! LOL!

And yes, to answer your question on my blog, I am a SU! demo, and on a couple of sites. I think you got your black paper bags from me for your pages here! :) BUT I cannot for the life of me recall your name. I saw you join the NOok, but still... your name escapes me...