Saturday, February 10, 2007

A phase? I doubt it.

Holly is moving out. *sigh* She's mad at us. So she is moving out.

Holly is the quiet kid. She doesnt talk or go on nearly as much as the other 2. She's quiet and thoughtful and when she gets mad, look out.

I don't even remember why she was mad. She was mad at Scott, likely for something that I would not agree with anyway, but I backed him up, so she was mad at me by association. She says horrid things, including taboo words like Stupid and Hate, and she stomped upstairs. And packed her suitcase. And dragged it down stairs and said she was moving out. It kinda fizzled after no one said much. But it reminds me of another time. When Holly was 2 years old. And she said she didnt want to live with me anymore. I think I refused to stop for a popsicle on the way home from Nanny's house. And I told her FIne she could go live with strangers. Gawd. lol we were driving and I pulled over (quiet street near ours) and I pointed at a house and said you would have to live with strangers. This little kid got out, and took off her shorts (it was hot summer, she was mad at me) and she started walking. She called my bluff.

Bad mommy moment. She actually started walking.

Do we have attachment issues? Doesnt she love me? Would she love strangers as much? I was pretty shocked. Of course I got out, picked her up, took her home, and did the talk about strangers SCARY and stuff like that, and how I was her mommy and she was living with me for like forever.

And that was about the worst it got.

but every once in awhile she comes up with this "moving out" thing. Usually she is moving to Nanny's house, which I can handle. I can remember when i was a kid and I would get mad, pack up ALL of my dress up clothes, and demand to be driven to my Grandmother's house. It was like 2.5 hours away so I could not get there myself. She would tell me to stop being stupid and put those clothes away ya da ya da.

But this going with strangers thing never leaves my mind. Doesnt she love me?hmm well sure she does. lol but when she is mad, she tends to detach a little. It makes me really really really sad.

I wonder if she's going to be the problem teen? not looking good!!!!


Whaledancer said...

Obviously she and Cameron are very related!!!!!!
I tried the whole "Fine, runaway then" thing and he called my bluff and headed out. I had to go get him when I lost sight of him from every window of the house..he really was heading down the street and very upset.
We have talked about who they would live with if they ran away..I have had many answers from living alone or maybe with Blossom (our dog) in an abandoned house or with long as its not with this hateful mother they are game.
But thats just the bad days. Other days they cry at the idea of growing up and moving out. Because that means mommy will be old and old people die and they don't want me to die which turns to mild hysterics and insomnia for them.
You aren't alone.

Vicky said...

Oh my....Holly is certainly not a little scaredy is she???? I never knew about that other little moment you guys had, as an outsider looking in it is funny, but I can see how that would stick with you for the rest your lives. Even though she won't remember. Wait until she's a teenager and she does that again for real. Scarey!!!!!!!!!!!

Dale Anne said...

Its something we all go thru....I helped my daughter pack once and carried the heavy suitcase to the door for her. By the time she was down the stairs and to the front door - she changed her mind!
She is now 33 and my best friend!

erica922 said...