Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Rest of the Trip to PEI

In the morning we got up (some slower than others) lol I was tired! I stayed in bed while Scott and Annika went to the hotel breakfast and they brought me back some food. I ate then Scott went to do a call and I took Annika back to the pool. That is one awesome pool room, so hot and awesome!

The whole pool atmosphere was even nicer. It was sunny and the sun made the water so shiny! And so warm! I could have stayed there all day. In the lounge chair. This was not to be. Annika dipped in and out and let me take some photos, then it started. When you gonna come in Momma? When you gonna come swim with me? And there were 2 ladies and a man there, saying "oh mom you gotta come in with her, you cant not! LOL" Oh yes I can! But I did climb into that cold, cold pool. It was not warm at all! Hahaha I was kept going by thoughts of hopping into the hot tub just before leaving. So in I went and swam with her for awhile, then it was wayyy time to go, and we had to get out. The hot tub? Not so hot. Lukewarm more like. Disappointing. I have a photo of Annika sitting on that very hottub step about 3.5 years ago. gotta scrap them both ahaha!

So we ran back up to the room and into the shower, where Scott found us, late and he was a little irritated. We packed up in a hurry and hopped into the car for the drive across Island to his call in Summerside. He encouraged us to come in with him as there was a dog and a little boy looking for someone to play with.

Annika and piggy really enjoyed the drive. I tried to read but the roads were way too rough and
because they dont use salt on the roads in PEI, they are all the colour of the sand they use on them, red, like PEI land. IT's very fertile land, they are well known for the Red soil. When I lived there I had a white Husky and he was always stained Pink by this PEI dirt.

We went to Scott's call and the dogs got to play. Dylan has met Sadie before but Zoe was new to this. I dont think she's been socialized an awfully lot. She didnt really seem to know what to do with the playing, and she barked a lot. She was very fearful and I think she's really aggressive. Gonna work on that.
The three of them did play a lot (endlessly) but I kept Zoe out of most of it because she would not be quiet! LOL!
The Store was empty so far which gave the kids endless places to play! Questionable, letting these kids climb the shelves right over one another hahaha I made Annika move before very long. LOL She had tonnes of fun with her new friend. She was talking about him today!
And before long the 2 kids and 3 dogs were running large circles around and around the store. They were all worn out before too long.

We had to get back to NS to get the kids from school. we had a fast lunch then headed back out.

There's a spot on the short cut from Summerside to Borden where you can see the bridge really well. I have stopped to take some amazing photos here before. It was really nice on this day!


NancyJones said...

THOSE PHOTOS ARE SOOOOO COOL looks like you all had a blast. ANika is so stinkin cute in her little swimmy suit!

erica922 said...

wow looks like a fabulous day! and so cool!!!! :)