Friday, February 02, 2007

Tuesday January 30th 2007

Only 2 days left of January! Where did it go? The weather has been too nice, the days too busy, and the month way too short! LOL I know, some might disagree but I really like snow days! Might have mentioned that!

Holly was home again sick. Annika seems to be sick too. But not as bad! We can't let that hold us back! LOL We took both of these cranky girls to Halifax!
LOL They slept most of the way there because Scott gave them night time medicine LOL nicely quiet drive! might have to remember that tonight when they wont sleep!

Scott had some stops to make, and I wanted to go to Michaels, but first Scott wanted to go to the Bay. He is looking for a heated mattress pad. That's what he wants. But they are hard to find and the ones we find are very expensive. I say get another blanket if he's cold HAhahah So we searched Bay, nothing. We searched a few other places, nothing. So I did convince him to get a comfy red blanket to go on the bed and we will see about the heated mattress pad next year lol. We spent a lot of time at the Mic Mac Mall and little time at Michaels where I picked up new toy for Allison and I to try. It's a Wood Burning tool, and although it is kinda for cutting stamps (might or might not work), It does a really cool job of burning paper. LOL That could be sorta fun. So I am playing with that!

After Michael's there was JUST enough time to pop into Chapter's. I wanted to go for the books, Scott wanted COFFEE from there. I am so craving an awesome Holiday Spice Smoothie (Tims had them at Christmas but there are no more SOB*) so I settled for...hmm I dont know what it was, Chai Tea with Nutmeg I think; YUMMY, whatever it was.

WE booted it home to get the Taylor from school, and at home she had her piano lessons.

We put the other kids out on the ice to give them something to do, helps them leave Taylor alone.Holly and Katelyn went out first and skated around for a while. Katelyn is getting quite good! They got out the hockey sticks and passed the puck back and forth a few times, before they got cold. Holly still wasnt feeling well so she gave in long before Katelyn.

Taylor came out and took over the show for awhile. Still working on some very important skills!

Taylor pulled Annika around with the hockey stick for a little while and every turn ended in a spectacular crash with a dramatic fall. LOL

Allison and Katelyn stayed for the supper that Allison made, we tried out our little burning tool, and then rather then skating, we packed bags for the big awesome sleepover the next day! The kids went to bed without too much trouble, big days ahead for them! lOL

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