Friday, February 02, 2007

January 31st 2007

The LAST DAY YAY of the month long January Blog. I love doing this but sometimes it's hard to keep up! Blogger isnt toooooo too fast either! I can barely remember what I did yesterday! :)

January 31st! I booked a Stampin' Up party! For PEI! LOL for those who dont know this is over 2 hours away, through a piece of NB, across a big ol bridge, and onto the Island. C and I had been talking for some time about having a class for her group there, so finally we planned it.

Taylor and Holly were so THRILLED to be going for a sleepover at Katelyn's house! I was a little more concerned, because I KNOW what bed time at my house can be like. Although I did take the most difficult child to PEI with me, I left one very nervous child home. But with Taylor there, Holly should be ok. Right?
They packed their bags the night before, with a toy (Build-a-Bear) and clothes. Wednesday morning we packed up the rest of the essentials, and they went off to school. Allison was picking them up after school, and had alllll sorts of things planned! LOL they went shopping, they went out for supper, they went for groceries to pick out Lunchables for the next day...they had fun.

Annika chose to go with us. I admit to making sure I mentioned the POOL a few times. She could have gone to Nanny's but Nanny had things to do and I didnt want to cause any issues, and besides, I LIKE Annika. She's fun! LOL

Annika packed her bag then Scott repacked it for her, unpacking her orange blanket which he soon regretted when she so proudly said she didn't need the blankets on the big bed, she had her OWN blanket, and the look in her eyes when he said "I took that out and left it home..." MEN! Seriously.

The View from the Confederation Bridge from the car on the way over. BRR.
The View of the bridge from the car. The high point in the middle allowed boats to go under, really Big boats.

We got to PEI in nice time checked into the hotel before Scott went to see a store. Annika loved our room :) And made her blanket comment. I shushed her and told her I would get her a new blanket. Momma is a sucka.

Scott's call was at the Mall in Downtown Charlottetown, a 2+ story mall right in the midst of town. Its not a bad mall, a little empty considering, but it's nice. We easily spent some time wandering around there, bought Annika some paper and crayons, and a new blanket with Dalmations on it! I got some stuff to put on my nails and Scott did his call. I also saw a neat ceramics store that I might like to play at sometime. lol

After Scott's call was done, he did a short call and Annika drew and coloured with her new colouring tools! :) She did get a little bored with this as he was much longer than he said he would be and she's starting to understand concepts of time LOL.

Then we went for an early supper at Boston Pizza. I love pasta! Annika had a lot of fun and she had a Shirley Temple drink with a cherry on a sword LOL!

Before my class we had time to take Annika for a swim. She had a lot of fun trying to find it, and was so pleased when she did! The pool room was very very warm and I had a nice little sauna while watching.

The pool wasnt deep so at first Annika went in alone. She went bit by bit and then she would come running back out.
She went on and on about how cold the pool was. She even climbed on Scott to get him nice and wet. Eventually he went and got his swim suit on and joined her in the pool.

Annika did like to have someone to swim with, she stayed in the water more that way!

And this is how I watched them swim. Yup. Feet up, laying in a lounging chair. That's the best way to swim. I like swimming but I like being warm even more. And that's not warm Lol.

We went to my class and I had a photo but have NO idea how it vanished. LIkely going to be a common occurance, since my camera met some ice this morning and although it still works, I dont know how. The class went well, lots of PEI bookings, and I will get more trips across the Strait! LOL
After my class Annika was sleeping and we watched some TV and then slept. Annika woke up really early the next morning, and we were all really tired. She likely got woken up by her sisters and Katelyn in NS. APparently they were up early too.


Vicky said...

I'm so pleased that Annika likes her blanket sooo much...who would have though??? Sounds like to had a good trip. I will have to get on MSN and chat with ya...I've been trying to stay off when Trent's not on so I can get a rest from it,lol.

erica922 said...

lol lol I can see your feets!!! lol lol
and looks like Annika had so much fun!!!!!