Sunday, February 25, 2007

Taylor's Birthday Party

Taylor's birthday is the End of February. In the Maritimes, this means we have NO idea what the weather will be like. It's not really all that nice, but it might not be all that snowy either. I so wish one of my kids had a summer birthday LOL!.

we have this awesome amazing hill right behind our house. I always thought, what an AWESOME birthday party that would be! A Coasting party! But, unfortunately, there's never a guarentee of snow. Especially in the past few years, when there's barely any snow anyway. So we have never planned a party with the coasting.

This year I was so wise, having learned from the difficulties with planning Holly's party, to Get on it earlier! LOL No more wasting of time! Plan early!
So We did!

Taylor came to me with this sketched plan (Oh she is so going to be a scrapbooker) of what her invitations should look like, and she stamped them and filled them out herself.

We decided the date based on a weather forecast. What an idiot I am. The weather reports never stay the same! But This weather report called for 2 days of snow around Valentine's day, right before the weekend. So we planned the coasting for Sunday, Feb 18th.

And anyone around here, knows what it DID on Valentine's day.

yup. It rained. A lot. lol

So there we are, the ENTIRE class plus quite a few friends, invited here for coasting. And it rained.

THere were a few flurries before the weekend. Sunday morning came, and we were like OH Thank goodness, there is just enough snow out there! I could see some grass at the top of the hill, but it was ok. If there is too much snow, it is too hard to coast. I have seriously taken the snow scooper out and made them coasting paths'. Sheesh as if we dont shovel enough in the driveway....but with justa little snow, it's perfect coasting, as it turns quickly to ice and flies them down that hill so fast they fly into the neighbor's yard.

As Sunday morning went on, it warmed up a lot. I was seeing more and more and more grass. PANIC time! What would we DO with everyone if there was not enough snow!???

By 2 pm (party time!) I was just about freakin...but there WAS still enough snow YAY!

We set up my BRAND NEW craft table out on the field, and put the BBQ out there as well. I wanted a little fireplace out there, to warm up and have marshmallows, but the darned TOWN said no. People mind the smoke. UMMMMM I know 3 houses just right here that heat on wood smoke, but no Chimeree in the back yard cause the neighbors mind the smoke. WHATEVA. Wouldnt you know it, 5 minutes into the party some children *yes mine* hit the craft table with a sled. No, no one was hurt, but the table was injured. *sigh*
We had hotdogs on the BBQ, and we had hot chocolate in the crock pot on the table with the condiments. YUMMY.

Many many people came. Lots of boys and girls, which made Taylor thrilled cause we had always had parties that she couldnt invite the boys to (princess party, sleepovers) so she had everyone she wanted this year :) It's nice when they all stayed outside too!

They coasted and coasted and coasted! And coasted! It really was so fun! they flew into other yards and hit trees and did all sorts of dangerous things! LOL Apparently there's a helmet law now? I wonder how long before we will just have to dress the kids in protective gear to go outside? In case they fall? the kids at our school can't play tag because they might Run and this would cause injury...yup no running on the Play Ground. *sigh* I digress.

And they coasted! LOL They loved to Share the sleds and get as many people on one as they could LOL It was fun to see who went with who and what they did when they went down (ie. Holly and Mason Always tried to dump the sled over) lOL!

And they coasted! LOL It was really a lot of fun! When anyone got tired they came down for a drink of hot chocolate. At some point Scott started giving out the hot dogs (gross). That was nice for warming up. It was pretty wet out actually, there were lots of wet kids running around! A lot of them even played hockey on Holly's ice.

Grades P and One

Grades 2 and more.
Then we finally got them organised into some sort of races. We divided them all up by Preschoolers, Grades Primary and One, and Grades 2+. They raced about 6 races before the prizes were gone and there was risk of injury, so sleds were parked and we did the "cake".

Rather than a cake, Taylor asked for Cupcakes. SO we made 48 little cupcakes, frosted them, and gave them out. They were far easier than cake and icecream on plates out there. Good idea :)

The Crowd sings Happy Birthday :)
Enjoying their cupcakes.

After the party Taylor opened her presents inside. I couldnt figure out how to do it outside! But Maybe if I did it again I would just have 2 sleds, take the presents on one, open them, take them away and rebag, and put them on the other sled to take back inside. It would work better that way :)

It was a great success. I would totally do this again! Maybe Annually :)

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