Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Week Catch Up

It's been a busy week! I like to be busy but I am SO tired :)
Last week is a blur ;) Scott had a little procedure and ended up home for 3 days! LOL He went back to work Friday. Aleah was here off and on, the kids had their activities, Friday was particularly busy, Holly had a dental appointment first thing, and while her little lip was "thawing" she bit it so badly I let her stay home from school :) I took Taylor's snake to school on Friday for show and tell, and then Holly had hockey at 5, Taylor had Gems at 7, and I had scrapbooking "wheneve I got there". Taylor and Annika were not very good at hockey but I stayed long enough to watch Holly,
she's doing so well! We didnt join them Saturday.
Saturday Daddy took Holly to Hockey and Grammy came and we did some shopping for a workshop to be held on Sunday :) Grammy knitted and kept Smyth company.
Did a lot of bows too :)

Sunday we got ready for the SU workshop. We also did some Sunday Shopping (new to NS of course) and discovered you cannot go to a home improvements stopre OR get a haircut on Sunday LOL!

The SU workshop was a Stampers' Club workshop held at a lovely lakeside Cottage and attended by loads of friends including my friend Shelley who had her surgery only last Tuesday! She didnt stamp and rested lots but kept us all company and was in such cheery spirits she made my Whole weekend wonderful :)

Monday Scott went to New Brunswick after sorta dealing with a leak in the basement, and we had a revolving door of company :) People came to visit, Janet came and worked with me for a little while and for lunch, Aleah was here, Ann was here, Mom was here and left, and then we went to run errands, Taylor got out of school at 3 and Holly at 415, so 2 trips to school were needed as well as 4 Stamp order drop offs, and finally we came home and had supper. There were a few errands I never got to.

Now today Ive gotten very little done and had SO many things to do. Ive been concentrating on Bows but I need to make 2 cards and deliver them to their intendeds, deliver Mary kay stuff, Aleah is here, and Taylor has Piano after school LOL Another busy day!

The kitties are getting along so well, we watched them play while having tea today :)

The Stand Off

The Tackle

The Counter Attack

And one innocently sleeping baby :)

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Whaledancer said...

Oooh Oooh look at the wee little pawses!! So velvety and nibbleable. If only they didn't use them to bury poo!
When his eyes are closed he is a very beautiful boy.