Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Hockey Kid

Holly started Hockey on Saturday! It was her first practice ever! She finally got to put on all the gear that she has been collecting since last winter, and go out with the other hockey players to skate!

We mostly dressed at home. She was pretty much ready when we got there :) She plays in Salmon River which is HockeyVille to anyone who watched Kraft Hockeyville last winter.

Once into the dressing room we finished gear, skates, helmet, gloves, stick. She's ready to go! I volunteered to go out and help, and was able to get photos too :):):)

She loved skating up and down and showed a lot of improvement from start to finish. We cant wait for Friday night! She will get to go again!

Nanny and Grampy came to watch with Riley and Linden and afterwards we went out to Burger King to celebrate (it was also Nanny's Birthday!)

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NancyJones said...

She is the cutest stinkin' hockey player evah