Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fish Photography

I always try to catch photos of the fish! These are some I took yesterday that turned out really well :):):)

Yellow Tailed Damsel (Our first Saltwater Fish)
4 Striped damsel (Nasty Bossy little thing)
One of our 2 Scarlett Cleaner Shrimp with the 2 Clown Fish (think NEMO :))
the Clowns, the Damsels, and a shrimp with the Live Rocks
PJ Cardinal, what a wimpy fish LOL
Some Star Fish sort things that "appeared" in our tank out of the blue. There are loads of things that appear...including some freaking 5 inch worm that we tossed out LOL

Oh and some flowers Scott brought home for our Anniversary.


erica922 said...

wow, I am not a pet person but this pictures are very pretty Teri, Like I told you before, you should consider taking profesional photography, :) Love all your pictures!!!

NancyJones said...

wow this is cooool