Friday, October 13, 2006


My cat does have a name now! It's Smyth! SO many people had opinions on his name, either suggesting things I didnt like or telling me my ideas were dumb ;) SOOOO I decided something very very plain :) And partly because I like the new show on TV, Smith, I called my new cat Smyth.


Whaledancer said...

I did not say your names were dumb..just that he'd get beat up by the other boy cats if he ever shared his name with them. C'mon...Oliver?? Thats just asking for an asswhuppin'.
I still stand by MY suggestion but bow to your authority. Feldman is much cooler than Smyth. It has a nais c'est quoi..
But alas..t'was not to be.

Kara Jones said...

HOW FUNNY!!! My puppy's name is Oliver! But I have to say. He's under 10 pounds, he has bug eye's, his hair stand up on his head and his beard comes down to his knees. Face it, he's gonna get beat up anyway...

Smyth is s cool name, and a very pretty kittly. I had a seal point himmalayan - loved her!