Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving Continues

How many people actually get 2 Thanksgiving meals on the Thanksgiving holiday? trying so hard to get to both, it's such a sacrifice to get 2 wonderful turkey dinners ;) But we sometimes do get to my side and Scott's side to have Turkey Day :)

Monday we had Dinner at Scott's parent's house with Scott's brother and wife and boys, grandparents, and Aunt Gayle and Uncle Rick. lol I didnt take photos of that meal, remember how I dont scrap food? hahahahaha

After dinner Scott disappeared into the basement where there is a HUGE tv, and the rest of us went for a walk. There is a trail from the field to the Trans Canada Trail in Old Barns, and we walked down and along the shore of the bay/river. I dont actually know what it is, they call it the bay but it becomes the river...

The Start

The Trail Down

The View

Just a coooool photo of Taylor

After dinner Scott went to milk Cows and while the kids stayed at their grandmothers' I somehow managed to hang around the cows while he milked. This is the farm our friend's Brian and Leanne own. Scott's milked cows there often in the past and he's started up doing it again. While he milked I wandered, then visited with Leanne for awhile, then we fed the baby calves milk and grain and hay and then we wandered again for awhile then the girls were dropped off and we ended up staying for supper (we had some turkey in the car so with our turkey and their chicken and mushrooms there was quite a feast. OK Mushrooms fried on toast.....is that not the oddest meal like EVER???)
then we went home and early to bed.

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Whaledancer said...

I like mushrooms. Bet they are yummers on toast..I mean, what CAN'T you put on toast?? Mmmm toast..
Ter, I love love love looking at your pictures and reading your doings with the girls and Scott. Makes me feel less far away. The slide show kicks!
Love you.