Monday, October 02, 2006

Photo A Day Challenge Oct 1 STM

I love challenges they do tend to get me moving!

I did a aphoto a day in July of this year with all intentions of actually scrapping the whole month. I still will. Sometime. I dont know when, things are too busy!

So the challenge is to take a photo a day that represents something that was done that day. It should not be too hard, I take a load of photos. Infact, I took around 60 photos on Sunday. It was a good photo day, the kids had a birthday party to go to and it was a Horse Party! LOL The little girl having the birthday is very fond of ponies and she had her party at a stable! So my girls got to ride, something they have not done enough of! Since my last horse died 2 years ago it's just not been something I do much.

I am posting 3 photos, I have 3 girls and it was too hard to just pick one :):):)

Taylor loved riding Piro, she thinks she's very good :)

Holly also enjoyed Piro although at first his size made her worry :)

And although she rode both, Annika liked little Duke's size better, although she said he was bouncier :)

And just a photo I thought was very very cool :):):)


NancyJones said...

ohhh that is a cool photo

lol at the BOUNCIER horse

Rene said...

Wow. That last shot is awesome. Great job!!!

Di (Spot-On) said...

love that last photo! Too funny about the bouncier horse! hehe

tspwlv said...

Love that last shot!

erica922 said...

Gorgeous pictures,!~~~ Love them as usual!!! hugs

Kara Jones said...

I LOVE the silhoutte photo as well.