Friday, October 20, 2006

I was Tagged ;)

Thanks Nancy! I dont know if I was supposed to do ALL 10 of these things?? LOL

The tag is 5 Random things related to the number 5 and 5 weird things about me.

5 RANDOM Things related to the number 5:
1. Holly is 5. For a little while longer anyway :)
2. There are 5 people in my immediate family.
3. When we bought fish last week we bought 5 barbs, 5 tetras, and 5 rainbow fish.
4. I am currently reading 5 books: Memoirs of a Geisha, The Stranger Beside me, Angels and Demons, Prey, and Family Virtues. Dont ask how I am keeping them all straight.
5. I have 5 more weeks of scrapbooking with 11-13 year old kids at a middle school in the area :)Once a week on Wednesday mornings.

OK 5 weird things about me...
1. I hate tape. Used tape is worst. Scotch Tape, masking tape, old price tags, sticky things, labels. I hate them. They give me the creeps.
2. I dont like feet to touch me especially if they are in socks...and most certainly if they are warm or sweaty.
3. I hate walking across a hard floor in bare feet. The little dirt bits gross me out.
4. I can be sleepy and dopey all day but if I can make it to 11pm I can stay up almost all night.
5. I like to be inside but if I can get outside I hate going back in.

Ok that's me :) I tag:
Mother, Vicky, Alison, Erica, Anna

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Whaledancer said...

I wish I was there so I could put tape on my feet and then touch you with them.