Saturday, October 14, 2006

Photo a Day STM challenge

Ive taken loads of photos but havent really posted them LOL but here are a few to catch up on the week STM lost :)

Taylor and Meaghan left their mark in the sand Box

Distance has not changed their friendship a lot :)

Thanksgiving weekend,Holly chasing the dogs.

Annika on the trail. She is wearing Linden's little rubber boots and her Daddy's very old hockey jacket.

A Very animated conversation on the trail between Taylor and Riley. I wish I knew what he was telling her!

A weed. Talk about every day life :)

Another photo of Taylor on the trail. She's actually pouting in this whole series, but somehow that pouty look kinda makes the photo. It's the look I am used to seeing from her every day anyway :)

A Self Portrait to prove I was actually there, not just the floating camera. What I kinda like best about this bad photo is that in my sunglasses you can see the camera :)LOL

That covers thanksgiving again :)

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Di (Spot-On) said...

great pics! love the snapshots of daily life!