Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blog Challenge Scrap That Moment Sept 30

yes a day late! I cant seem to have time to sit here at all this weekend!

Hmmm Another food Question LOL Sorry Jocelyn I should not have so hastily said the food comment, I take it back. I will talk about breakfast. I could eat it all day.

I vary a lot on breakfast. I love breakfast even tho I rarely feel like eating in the morning LOL. For instance, this morning we had home made waffles. Yesterday I had the BEST omelet I have ever had. friday was instant oatmeal. Thursday was nothing. Wednesday was Frosted mini Wheats. LOL

What I have is not nearly as important as what is WITH it. I need to have caffeine. Actually I am not really sure the caffeine matters as much as the warm aromatic cup in my hand. I will take it in any form. I am not even sure that a hot cup of water would not be sufficient as long as in my sleepy state I can wrap my hand around the cup and sniff. Ok water would not be ok, it has to smell good too. I like coffee and hot chocolate. I love cappucino. And I love tea. DId anyone else ever notice that flavored teas always smell better than they taste? And smell is very very important. but taste, is not so much important.

So it's not the breakfast, its the warm smelly cup.