Friday, October 27, 2006

My Every Day

I have realised why I seem to be in such a rut lately LOL It's the time of the year! LOL Every day is the same because I have the same things to be doing! This is a busy Stampin' Up! Time of year, because everyone is preparing for Christmas Cards Etc. BUt also it is my Bow Time. I make bows every fall for a Christmas Tree company and it earns me my Christmas Money :) It makes a wonderful stress free christmas for us and the kids and I have been able to get people I love really nice thoughtful gifts instead of "what I can afford" gifts :) I get them what I want to get them :)

So my days consist of kids, and bows. With the occassional rush of cutting paper mixed in.

This is the bow-spinning machine. I spin them on this and add the wire, a rather painful process that involves bandaged hands LOL but it's very fast and I actually enjoy it.

After the bows are spun up they need to be fluffed, add picks, and boxed. Since this is not ALL I am doing this year I am actualyl finding this to be pretty easy too, although far more time consuming. I can spin up enough bows in about 2.5 hours to keep me fluffing and boxing for 2 days!! Sheesh LOL But it is awesome christmas money and I am actually not minding it too much this year. Last year during Bowing I got really really sick and it put me behind about 2 week! So far so good this year!


Whaledancer said...

I had no idea you did this. You must have some kinda attention span cuz i don't think I'd ever be able to focus long eno....
Is that squirrel over there?

erica922 said...

wow! Good for you dear! very nice hobby! :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

how interesting. That's a great idea.