Monday, October 30, 2006

Blog Challenge STM Oct 30

I love the Fall Back in time in the fall! I way prefer it over the Spring Ahead!
Despite the gained hour happening while we sleep, I never get to sleep it. I always manage to get up. So this past Sunday morning while I was laying in bed fretting about what I had to do that day (too many things not enough relaxing) I remembered we gained an hour and I spent that hour having my coffee. LOL I dont think I did a thing! I considered it my hour that day and it was the only hour I didnt spend on someone else LOL. Ive had a busy week :) I loved that hour.

Now I am really tired. I notice the change in time. It's really almost 11 pm here right now, Ive not really caught up on any sleep. I need to go to bed soon, over the next couple of weeks I will catch up on the sleep. Especially once I have the bows done, and there are far fewer Stampin Up Parties this November than there were in Oct so less paper cutting and more scrapping and sleeping YAY!


Jocelyn said...

Hey there!

So are you s SU! Demonstrator too?! So am I!!!!


Scrappytbear said...

That's very funny it's a smallllll scrapbook world out there :) And SU is just one of the best around and all the cool kids wanna sell it ;)