Sunday, October 29, 2006

Getting away from the Every Day :)

I had the opportunity to attend a Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar yesterday! It was so much fun and very inspiring to get together with colleagues, learn new techniques, view Tonnes of samples, and rub shoulders with some of the top Stampin' Up! people! I love it when we can all get together and be cheery, helpful, and sharing, and the Regionals was certainly all of that!

To Start off, I was chosen to be a Regionals Helper! This is a great chance I loved! Everyone gets a free stamp set and materials for make and takes but being a helper (which I love cause it gave me a "purpose" all day besides wandering) I also got a kicky black SU apron! LOL Maybe this will help keep my clothing cleaner and ink/glue free!

So we arrived a little early for our training :) When I say a little early I mean a lot. We had to get up at 5 am to be ready to go to Halifax by 745. It was an early day, we left before sun up and it was barely coming up when we disappeared into the hotel for the whole entire day.

we manned the Check In table and gave out name tags, packages, and stamp sets! LOVE IT!
Allison was chosen to be a helper also and we both worked the L-R section of check in! It was all so organised!

While we were working Ann traded our card swaps for us! I made around 50 cards to swap out to other attendees :)
This card was created with Stampin' Up! materials including the Artfully Asian stamp set which was embossed on red with Gold powder and I used a TOOTHPICK to bleach all the leaves and petals of the flowers (50 cards!!) I embosed the Love stamp from Kanji and attached it all with pop ups! Gold Cord finished it off nicely :)

So to start things off Shelli Gardner (Owner) gives a nice talk on the Stampin' Up! Message :) The day was full of inspiring talks, Stampin' Time (where make and Takes were made), technique talks, business talks, and lunch :)

Shelli is very gracious about mixing and mingling with the SU demonstrators. They are their main selling features LOL It was neat to meet Shelli and listen to her, reminding us there are real people behind those stamp sets.

So I hope to take tips and techniques and ideas learned and make more and better parties from them! I am going to incorporate many ideas into my Workshops from now on!

After the Regionals we went to the Economy ShoeShop in downtown Halifax for supper before heading home dead tired :)

So we got home a little after 8 pm and I met Scott and friends at a restaurant and watched them eat :) before eventually going home and falling into a dead sleep :)

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erica922 said...

wow, this looks FANTASTIC Teri, and a wonderful expereince, that card is STUNNING!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!