Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend in Truro NS

It is Thanksgiving weekend here :)That means it is also a long holiday weekend and my Anniversary is coming up quickly! We were married on Thanksgiving weekend 9 years ago which seems like an eternity :)

We had an extra long weekend because the kids had no school on Friday, a school inservice. This was a nice surprise. Thursday night We all went to our friends' place, my friend and her husband are RCMP officers and they both work odd shifts so when I could help out with watching their kids I try really hard to. And Thursday night they worked nights so the girls and I went and had a sleepover. These are the family with the 3 girls the same ages as mine so it was easy and fun to go and stay with them. Although no one got much sleep.

We did go home happy and sleepy the next morning and I started to get ready for a HUGE Stampin' Up party the next day at my mother's house. Up to 10 people and 10 cards. That's HUGE! LOL
So in the afternoon the friends from the night before came to town (they now live 45 minutes away) and their girls played while the mama had her nails done and she brought me a GIFT CERTIFICATE to have MY nails done! I have been itching to do this for ages! And I think she knew just how much I would love that! SO they stayed for some Pizza (BBQ Chicken pizza is awesome!) and after they went home my friend ANN came and helped me finish getting ready for that party! She's awesome, and so helpful! She stayed really late helping me cut up paper and the cards were AWESOME by the way :) After she went home I still stayed up late, making some samples and collecting up some supplies. When I finally went to bed it was hard to sleep cause that's when I'm overtired and my head starts thinking. lol.

Scott was up early the next morning to milk cows so I dragged myself out of bed about about 20 to 6, and finished packing and getting ready to leave for the Valley where the party was. Scott was about an hour late but I waited for him and we all went to my Mother's.

The party went well, I was on time and managed to collect up the stuff I needed. 6 people came, which is better than some parties we have planned in the Valley where no one, or 2 people came. we made 5 cards then had supper and then finished the other 5 cards. It only took about 8 hours to make these 10 cards. LOL by the time the last ink pad was closed I was ready for bed. We stayed over night and the next day
we cleaned up some in the yard and made a new fire, we love to burn stuff at Mom's place :) A friend came to make the cards and she stamped while we made dinner. Once my brother arrived we made had Thanksgiving dinner.

After dinner was finished we left for home and got home somewhere around 11 :)

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erica922 said...

wow, I love all your pictures Teri and I see you had a great time too.
The cards are just MAGNIFICENT!!!, as usual you do a fantastic job on paper and digital!!:) Thank you so much for sharing them.