Monday, October 16, 2006

The Bye Bye Boobies Party

Saturday Night I was honoured to be included in a strange and wonderful event. It was one I was thrilled to be invited to, but one I dont particularly want to go to again. LOL
I have a very good friend who is currently dealing with Breast Cancer. She has been having treatment for quite some time now, but I think it has been going well. She's been feeling ok most days and life is continueing as normal.
Tomorrow this friend will be having a double mastectomy. She is really looking on this major change in a positive light! Despite the reality of the reason, she's looking forward to a drastically reduced bra size LOL!
This friend has had a more positive attitude about recent trials in her life including her breast cancer and despite bad moments I really have admired the way she has been handling everything! If I didnt know her, I really would not know that she is sick or sad because she has not let it BECOME HER. She's not angry or depressed, and she's showing me a better way to deal with hard things in life. I am so thankful for her friendship.
Saturday Night was her Bye Bye Boobies party. Yes she did have her friends in to celebrate this event. She's in no way making light of the procedure but she is dealing with it in this head on, positive way! We celebrated the boobies to go and the ones to come! LOL

We started with a Glamour Mary Kay Makeover. Everyone got absolutely Gorgeous for our celebration!

Once everyone was more beautiful, we went to the scrap room where a surprise met us. There were bras of all sorts ready to be tossed! We used all embellishments imaginable to ALTER these bras. Yes now I have seen everything on this earth altered. LOL Glitter and butons, ribbon and yes even candies, these old bras became fashion statements!
They decorated our party area and then they decorated US! We all donned our altered bras and posed to remember the time forever :)!

Thank goodness for camera with timer so that we could All be together in this photo :)

After hanging the altered bits to finish drying lol we love glitter...we then scrapped the photo with apparopriate stamps, papers, and fun things in my friend's scrap room.
After the scrapping we had a snack break. We're hitting around 1130 at night now :) we then had the most amazing tear-filled "ceremony" with symbolic candles and spiritual discussion. It was inspiring and beautiful. There were gifts exchanged, including an adorable Tiny little bra for the New Boobies, a fuzzy housecoat, and a blanket with frills around the edges. This blanket was original all by itself, because when people come and visit, they will be invited, as we were that night, to tie some knots and say something. Something they were thankful for, something they learned, something about the owner of the blanket, just something. And tie some knots. We all got to say something and I was SO glad because I got to say things I might not have had the chance to tell my friend before her big day. There were few dry eyes. So much for the glamour makeovers, lol. I think everyone left feeling peaceful and positive.
So as much as I loved going, for obvious reasons this is not an event I want to celebrate often. Next time we get together we will be celebrating new boobies, Christmas, or just having a darned good time for no reason, and I cannot wait!

Thank you Shelley. I will be thinking of you often tomorrow.


Peggy said...

Thank you for sharing this touching, special moment! I am so glad you have such a special friend in your life with such a positive attitude!

Whaledancer said...

This was an amazing idea.

tspwlv said...

Wow, your friend is such an inspiration. I'm sure having you all around her during this time is a huge comfort. I'll be rooting for her recovery.

NancyJones said...

WOW what a touching story and a great party for a friend! You rock TL