Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sk8ter Gurl

Taylor is the Figure Skater. It is SO her sort of thing, dramatic but on Ice hahahah ! So she started StarSkate on Sunday night :) We all went to watch. I am kinda glad it is on a Sunday, I dont intend to take the other girls every time. It's not like skating was before, where there was loads of kids and loads of people was almost empty and there were only 9 girls on the ice and maybe 3 kids in the when my 2 were running up and down jumping and yelling, it was NOTICEABLE! LOL to say the least.

Ah well :) Taylor did really well for being the first time back on ice, it took a little while for the skating feet to kick in, and her skates are "sigh" too small for her. There was also little ankle support and the picks have been damaged and anyway she needs new skates LOL We're looking into it.

They did some gliding and then some cross overs and spins. It was interesting.

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Whaledancer said...

I (very capitalized) remember a certain widdle figure skater of old! A certain little skater in a spanish-y costume skating her little butt off with other little skating senoritas. I remember freezing my ass off watching that show with my mother and sister and wishing the freaking thing was OVER already because I was freezing my ass off.
Aaaaahhhh....good times...