Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Photo A Day Oct 4

I so wish I had photos from yesterday. It was one of those moments that you dont think of a camera until it's really over but at least I was there. Holly and I were playing road hockey which I am sure was really funny in itself, Annika was riding her bike in front of us, and Taylor was reading a book on the lawn. I am sure it was a funny picture to someone watching.

Today I did get the photos. We had a relatively free day and Scott took Annika and I to Bridgewater with him. On the way we stopped in Chester and Annika and I spent some time on a walking trail while Scott was making a call. It was a lovely sunny day, warm and bright. She was talking a mile a minute, and we just walked along slowly, with the water sparkling through the trees. She says the funniest things and we talked a lot about what about her is funny and why I laugh and how much I love spending time with her alone. She is my girl and she picked me flowers and leaves and acorns.

Scott was gone a long time and Annika started to get bored so we found a little trail down the bank and went down. It was steeper and covered and quiet and there were birds all over the place and Annika was picking Ross (moss) and Acorn hats. At the bottom there was a yard and an old narrow road right by the water with wharfs and docks right off of it. Right away we ran into a fellow and his cat and we talked to him for a moment. His cat followed us for awhile then went home LOL

So we walked down the road awhile and looked at the boats and the water and the houses there. We chased Chipmonks and butterflies and Annika climbed every thing she possibly could. She climbed hills and rocks, and posed lots for me LOL!

She climbed on this stump and cracked me up when she started saying Giddyup. I SAID GIDDYUP!

then she told me to wait, she was going to do something funnier at the next stump, and the next, and she did!

Annika and I dont always get that much time together alone, and we need some more. All the time I was walking and she was chattering away, and I was loving the sun and the smells of fall and the colours and the boats and ALL I could think was OH GOD don't let me forget a single second of this. And Naturally, I already have.


erica922 said...

wow, beautiful day spent TEri and gorgeous pictures, TFS

Di (Spot-On) said...

love these! Great job converting to black and white they look so vintage!

Going For Greatness said...

wow what a picture perfect day you 2 spent together!
I love spending time with my girls individually too. And I quite agree, there's just not enough of those moments!
I am glad you remembered as much of it as you could. I believe if you laydown, close your eyes and think about it, you'll be able to rewind your mind and recall every second!
~ Gabi