Monday, March 05, 2007

Winter Walk

It's really nice when we get a nice warm, melty day to take a walk in the park during the winter. It's also fairly dangerous lOL so it takes a particular winter day to do it!
The park in town is wonderfully maintained, beautiful, and full of steep trails and stair, drop offs, waterfalls, cliffs, etc. Walking there in the winter just about drives me crazy since I dont always know where the paths are going, I often end up on really steep ones LOL

On Saturday we had one of those perfect days. It snowed and then rained the night before, and was very warm (like 8+ degrees). Taylor and Holly and I decided to walk in the park. Annika stayed home. I'm really glad she did. It was all I could do to get Holly up and down safely :)
So it was icey. BUt not as bad as it had been. And it was slushy and very very wet.

We parked at the top of the park and walked in from there. That way we started up, and didnt have to climb right away. It also bypasses the playground which I had no intention of visiting.
This part of the park is groomed for the skiers. That makes it really nice to walk on :) The kids thought the tracks were quite funny :)
The kids had to stop and look at absolutely everything! Sticks and berries, moss on trees, and this tree stumo that has been the resting place of a squirrel or chipmunk, from the look of all the pine cones and nut shells there.

We turned off before too long onto a trail that went deeper into the park. The kids wanted to Investigate the Forest heheheh so off we went :)

This lead to many trails along the "valley" of the park there the fences and stairs, and waterfalls are. We walked up one side of it to a little covered bridge at one end.

We spent a little time here while the kids checked out everything in the Gully. Taylor thought this was a good time to toss snow balls at me. How wrong she is! LOL!

Around the corner we walk out and off a cliff...well no not right off, but holy it was steep and icey! LOL

And then right down some steps that were so icey, the kids wend down on their bums. Then they complained endlessly about the wet. LOL

Now we were down a step and to the first of the waterfalls there. They were frozen of course but we could hear the water underneath the ice. Taylor wanted to go out on the frozen water and slide down onto the frozen pond. NO.
Then the dizzying view down to the next waterfalls. The kids didnt actually make it down to there, it was too slippery and they chose to go up instead. I ran down and snapped a photo and then back up, where we took another set of stair higher.

Still some clowning around to do up there! LOL they were wet and uncomfortable but not in any hurry to get back to the car ;)
Now we went across some really slippery trails to Jacob's Ladder, a steep long set of steps at the best of time :) We went down there into the flat of the park and it was kind of a relief to be off the hills. We walked along one side for awhile, past the river.

On the side of the hill they decided to make many snow angels LOL til they were just perfect :) It's much easier on the side of the hill!

they played beside the river for awhile, tossing snowballs in to see if it was really frozen. LOL It wasnt thick but it was frozen.
At the fork they could have gone right, into the heart of the park with the playground and bandstand, or left, up another trail, to behind their school, where we take the road back up to the car. That's where we went.
Holly spent a lot of time on the ground. She fell many times in the last 1/2 hour, getting tired I think but it really was icey.

Back at the car, we stripped out of went winter clothes before heading home.

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