Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blog Challenge LIITD Week 1

What makes my World go around?

My Girls!

Not exactly a hard choice. Their schedule is my schedule. Their sicknesses are my sicknesses. Their interests are my interests. mostly. Some of my interests are their interests, it works both ways.

A few years ago when Taylor was in Day care and I was expecting Holly it occurred to me that the babysitter and Scott were raising Taylor while I worked 18 hours a day. When I was home I was stressed and on call and cranky and quite nauseous all the time...the being on call was unpleasant.

So when I was off with Holly I decided to stay home as long as I could. And I have been lucky enough to be able to and still have a life. Not everything we want, but lots. I have let them make my world go around. And I am really happy about that. I'm not missing anything, and Im able to do a lot for them that working 18 hours a day wont let me, like going on class trips and stuff.

Next year Annika will be in Preschool more and I wont really have to have their lives run mine. They will still make my world go around, but they will be more balanced out by something of my own. And My world wont be so lopsided.


Whaledancer said...

Getting some balance between their needs and yours is going to be awesome for everyone. An adjustment but really nice.
And there STILL won't be enough hours in the day...LOL

Vicky said...

They are growing up so fast..you will have time to yourself soon enough, but then you will miss the girls. What are your plans for when all the girls are in school???

sugarplum14 said...

Aww.. aren't they the sweetest! Great blog entry!