Saturday, March 10, 2007

Last hockey Game of the official season

Yah cause we will be seeing some photos from Jamboree...whenever that is. But today was the official last day of the season! :) No more cold rinks! Um who am I fooling? LOL there is still ice to be had!

We all went to the hockey practice last night and to the game today. Well they played games last night too but today was Full Ice games :) LOVE it!
They are so good compared to when they started last fall! I love seeing the improvements in the group in general, it's awesome!

They started off with a drill to warm up, puck handling and corners and all :)
When they started the game Holly was in the net first. She has this funny idea that she might want to be a Goalie. I dont know if I want her to be a Goalie :/ It's a lot of pressure and a lot of expensive gear!
Holly did extremely well in the game ! She promised me she would get a goal and she didnt, although she hit the goal post once. I was concerned she would be upset about not getting a goal but she was ok :)

She has the puck in this nice series of photos but see how that bigger kid knocked her down and took it away? She has some growing to do hehehehe and she does spend a lot of time on the ice. I think her skates are dulL!
But she's not afraid to get right in there and get the puck! It's nice to see her trying hard! Scott says she plays really smart hockey. She doesnt always folow the puck, but gets herself into a position to take a pass and score a goal. I say he is teachign her to hang around the net waiting for goal chances. HA! lol

At the end they did races. Holly was in the first group, 2 times around the nets and then off the ice. LOL It was cute, Holly did ok but fell on the last corner, had so much fun!

Annika made a big hit with her Manners apparently :) While she was running in and out the door, some fellow held the door for her and she looked up and thanked him. He thought that was great !LOL I am so glad they have manners sometimes :)

I also really enjoyed the support from the coaches and from the team mates that Holly enjoyed! At one point I heard the kids on Holly's team cheering for her...and I had to ask someone "are they saying Go Holly Go Holly??" and they WERE! She stands out a bit, as being one of only 3 girls there, and also as one who has improved by leaps and bounds! It's awesome :) Scott says they all really like her there! She's really fit in, I hope she keeps loving hockey :)

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erica922 said...

wow, I am so amaze how they love that sport !!! lol for GIRLS!!!!!!! lol lol