Sunday, March 18, 2007

March break Recap

March break started with Holly's Hockey game on Saturday. Scott and Holly went to a hockey game Saturday night,

Some cute photos of the cat and Holly playing dress up :)
On Sunday we packed up and went to Grammy's house :) Got there early enough for supper and then just took it easy the rest of the night. Tired bunch!

Monday morning I went tanning in Grammy's appointment then we went shopping and got Grammy a new camera for her trip, added some new Webkinz to the collection, and then Grammy went off to work while we took the kids to a movie. Taylor and I saw ERagon, and Scott took the little ones to Arthur and the Invisibles. That was fun! Taylor wasnt feeling too well so she was glad to go home.
We went to Grammy's and made supper, then we took it to Trent and Vicky's to eat. We visited and the kids terrorized the dogs ;) While Trent and Scott watched a hockey game (oh yes, and Holly) the others kinda dropped off to sleep and Vicky and I scrapped. We did the MNML at LIITD for Mar 12. Turned out nicely and this one only took me 2 days to post LOL.

We stayed wayyyy too late and when we woke the kids to go home Holly complained of a sore belly. Taylor had been complaining all week, so not a shocker. Holly said on the way home "I think I might throw up" and in the middle of me saying "well if you need to tell me right away so we can stop" I peeked around and yup it was too late already.

We cleaned her up on the side of the road and raced home and tucked them all into bed. Holly made hourly trips to the bathroom and a couple of hours later Annika joined her in regular visits. By morning most tummies had settled down.

Tuesday we packed up a little in the morning, then went to New Minas where Grammy was going to take the little ones to see Happy Feet but it was sold out, as was everything else! LOL POpular movies :) We went to Walmart and bought a movie to watch, and then went back to Grammy's to watch and to play with Grammy's camera.

After a bit there we got ready and went out for supper. It was Uncle Trent's birthday and 2 days later it was Grammy's birthday.

Taylor was the only kid who actually ate much...

We ordered toast for Holly who didnt really eat it and Annika had Vicky's fries because I knew she wouldnt need much more than that.

The birthday people got cake for their desserts which they shared nicely, and then we went back to Grammy's for cake we had gotten. we packed up the car, loaded the kids, and headed back to Truro.

We arrived home to a house that had mostly survived, and 2 missing toads! The cat has been spending alot of time on top of their home, and he did while we were away manage to knock the whole cage off the bureau. Poor toads! We called Kyle to make sure they were not poisonous (in case silly cat had actually EATEN one) and then we went to bed.

Wednesday I did a lot of paperwork while Scott worked. the kids played pretty well together. I think they needed ONE down day on their vacation! LOL
SCott lifted up the Girls' bureaus and there were the toads...chilly but perfectly alive :) they are in a heavier home now, and seem very happy there.

Wed night we went to one of Scott's hockey games. The kids had fun, his team won, and there were no fights, much to Holly's disappointment.

Thursday we went to the Museum of Natural History in Halifax! Read all about it in another blog :)

Thursday at the museum I started to not feel very well. I am glad the kids were so good, they didnt cause me any trouble at all!
We had dinner at Scott's parent's place, and Cara spent the night with us. I went to bed early, after having 4 kid's Gravol UGH! LOL

Friday I slept in and got up to help Scott take the kids to see Charlotte's Web :) That was a cute movie :)

Friday night I slept.

Saturday I slept. All day. I even cancelled a SU class because every time I got up out of bed it was not nice :( The kids apparently didnt do much while I was sleeping. Scott's parent's were away.

Finally Sunday I got out of bed around lunch time. We went to Walmart and the Mall to get crickets for the toads and to get Taylor books. She had some birthday money and wanted to get books with it. OH YEAH :)

And that was March Break :)


Gaspegirl said...

Wow, sounds like you had a fun-filled March break (well, minus the illness and the missing toads)!

erica922 said...

wow HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your brother!!! nice time