Saturday, March 03, 2007

A near Disaster Averted

We Almost had a disaster. We have certainly had a few weeks of sadness.

Annika's Treasured toy, Shelley, disappeared. There was no "I remember her "here" and then cannot remember her after that" so there were few places to look. She just was there one day, and when we looked for her a while later, she was not.

Annika was SO sad! She cried at night, she pouted by day. She did not want a new Shelley, because that was not Shelley. But I certainly would have bought a new Shelley and did that whole "abuse it to look used" thing that parent's might do. If I could have found another Shelley. But not even in stores was there a Shelley to be seen.

It's been a few weeks. Shelley is mentioned Every Day. Annika had actually accepted that we would never never never find Shelley, despite my assurances that we were looking and she had to be in the house somewhere because we never took her out. Annika would heave great big sighs and say "Shelley is gone forever. I'll never never never find here. I'll never never never have another friend like her". It was really desparately sad.

And then. Today, Scott was cleaning up in the Nook. Apparently the cats had knocked some things over, and he was picking them up. And on the chair, under some boxes, was Shelley. He came sneaking over to me and showed me Shelley who seemed lonesome but not really too neglected, and we called Annika down. I got the camera ready Hehehheeh!

That first sight of Shelley was Priceless. the photo says it all! LOL She was overjoyed!
Afterwards she was so silly it was hard to actually take her photo.
She and Shelley rolled around the couch like a couple of long-separated best friends. LOL

I don't think we dare to lose Shelley ever again! She's a cherished friend! And she is certainly attached to Annika...they are at a sleepover now with Nanny and she HAD to take her along! Here's hoping Nanny understands how we need to guard this toy LOLOL!


Vicky said...

HAHAHA, too funny and that pic is priceless!!! At least she has her back now and all is well.

tspwlv said...

OMG Can't believe you found her and that you were able to set up the reunion shot! I know from experience how traumatic these episodes can be. You got soooooooo lucky.

Scrappytbear said...

Oh I know it! LOL I was lucky when my older kids didnt attach themselves to certain toys...but this turtle is something else LOL Only a scrapping momma would get the camera ready before reintroducing the toy Hhehehhehee

Didi said...

What a WONDERFUL story! LOVE the photos!!!!! I am so glad you found Shelly!

(thanks for peeking at my blog...and to answer you question about the pottery...the ones with all the little hollows are for escargo..YUM!)

Awesome Abby said...

What a GREAT shot that is! Umm...what IS Shelley? I'm guessing a turtle, perhaps?

shelley said...

Actually "Shelley" is a real person!lol I like to think that she named the turtle after me because she likes me, but who really knows with kids!

Scrappytbear said...

HAHAHAH too funny. Ya the kids were thrilled to be able to call Shelley "Shelley" after the Original Shelley because that's what came on her the original Shelley did come into mind with the naming process. LOL She's a Peepers turtle.