Saturday, March 10, 2007

A MNML finally done

LOL It took me over 3 weeks to do this layout! I was already, I had my stuff, I started the Monday Night Mystery layout at LIITD. Then I realised. I could not find something that was Critical to the layout I was making! Rather than just change photos, I decided I would wait until I found what was missing to finish the layout. 3 weeks later, item is still missing. So I went on without it, leaving a nice spot for it to be tucked into later.

But it is together now. This is Annika's first "real" salon haircut. It was just before Christmas of 05. She was 3. And she was very very proud! Now I have these little curls in an envelope somewhere. They were in my camera bag for a long long long time. But I moved them for fear they would get lost. Now Ive misplaced them. I cannot even imagine where. SO in the slide holder there is a slide waiting patiently to be glued down over some very cute hair. LOL

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erica922 said...

wow, that page is GORGEOUS Teri!!! really beautiful colors and design!!!!