Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring in Nova Scotia.

Looking for some signs of spring? not gonna find a whole lot of them here.

Spring comes really slowly around here. We get a nice day, lots of warm sun, lots of melting snow and everyone feels HOPE. Then we get a snow day. Then that melts and there's more mud. Yup mud season. It's on everything. It's on everyone.

It snowed Monday. Melted by noon.
Snowed Tuesday. Then that lasted til almost supper. It was actually a really snowy day. bad roads. But that melted.
Snowed Wednesday morning. That was a cold day. It stayed for the most part all day.

Wednesday was Spring.

There are signs if you really look for them. Crocuses are starting to come up. Because we didnt get a snowcover that lasted, the grass is not really brown, but more green.
My tulips will come up later than the ones across the street, because they are planted on the wrong side of my house. The front spends a lot of the day in shade, so it's cooler and slower to grow stuff.
And that's if the deer let the tulips grow. 2 years ago they ate every one. Even the ones under our bedroom windows.
Last year it was the Hostas. The deer ate the Hostas. Know how expensive those things are? Sheesh.
We should have 3 brand new nice hostas. But someone stole them. Weird huh? The kids each planted a tiny hosta at the NSAC open house. And they were in three little pots in a nice little tray to hold the water. Supposed to spend 2 weeks there before moving to the ground. And in the second week, the tray and all vanished. No pots, no hostas. rememberhow expensive those things are? Ok well they are not cheap! lOl

So still waiting on some sign of spring here!


Whaledancer said...

So...what you are saying is that hostas are expensive, yes? I guess I should stop digging mine up and throwing them in the garbage then..or mowing them off...
I had a sign of spring..kinda. Someone broke a branch (twig) off my long suffering hydrangea standard and it had green in the wood and signs of bud development. This all means that its alive! And has one less branch.

Susan Blanton said...

I would of like just a little of that here. No snow here. So no snow pictures.