Thursday, March 22, 2007

All Star hockey Game

Holly was lucky to be asked to participate in the hockey game in Truro between the Police Association of Nova Scotia, and the Tim Horton's All Stars. It's a big deal here I suppose, someone calls me every single year to try to get me to buy tickets to it! :)
As part of the act, some Tim Bits (young hockey players) play for a few minutes of the game :) And they asked Holly to come!
She was SO excited! She talked about it for days! And when she got up in the morning she said "THIS is the day :):):)"
After School Holly wanted to get ready right away but we had to eat first :)
When it was finally time to go, she was in the car waiting :)
We went to the rink and met her teammates in front, and went in together to the Tim Bits Dressing Room :):):)
Holly's team wasnt on until almost the end of the first period so she put on most of her gear then went out to watch the game :)
The All Star Team's Line Up included some NHL players and some local players from colleges and associations as well :)
the Police Association included...Police Officers I think :)
After the opening ceremony the game was on! It didnt take very long to see that the Tim Horton's All Stars were in a league of their own ;)
Nanny and Grampy, Angie, Riley, and Linden came to watch Holly play her part!

It was finally time to get ready!

daddy helped Holly into the rest of her gear and her Police Association Jersey :):)
Waiting was Very impatient :) The kids were very hyper :)
The team of 6 Tim Bits, ready and waiting for their 2 minutes of Fame :)
A little Pre-Game strategy session :)

So the whole show went that the Referee brought out his Radar Gun and started giving Penalties. Skating TOo Fast! Skating Too Slow !:) eventually there was only one Police Association player left...the Goalie! Since that was not much of a game, they brought in replacements..."The TimBits!" hehehe

There's my little Tim Bit heading out onto the ice :) Nothing Shy about her :):):)

Lining up on the Blue Line!

A little Milling around while the announcer did his thing :)

And then it was ON! The Face off! See the fellows on their knees?

Holly hangs out somewhere around the middle :)

Most of the Hockey players just kinda watch the little ones Fight it out. Cant wait til they learn to stop fighting each other ;)

A great experience for Holly :) I didnt realise she was so NOT shy LOL! She was not scared for a moment!

After they changed out of their clothes they were able to visit the All Stars in their dressing room :) She had them ALL sign her Maple Leafs hat.
Certainly a keepsake for good!
Taylor met up with a few of her friends and spent the rest of the game with them! :)
Holly and Grampy got an ice cream then we watched some of the game which was high scoring and very showy and pretty entertaining.

Go Holly Go!


Wolf said...

That looks like an awesome time for Holly!! I bet she had a blast! Go, Holly, go!!

Susan Blanton said...

Wow that is cool, Love those photos. I love Hockey.

Vicky said...

What an experience for her, and she loved it ofcourse. Our little hockey girl, lol!!

Meghan said...

Wicked cool!

I really need to move to Canada,as I love hockey & so wanted to play ice hockey growing up. A no-can-do in the 70's in NJ :>)