Friday, March 02, 2007

A Concert I was SO thrilled to go to!

My mother decided that for Taylor's 9th birthday (which was last Monday) that we should take her to see a concert at the Metro Center, the Bare Naked Ladies! Ok I am ashamed to say I have never seen them live. I love their music but I have not seen them live. I didnt even know they were going to be in Halifax. What did I miss? LOL How did I miss that news?
Anyway...Mom decided we should go, and we should take Taylor. So I kept this a secret, and Mom got tickets to the show. She was not at all pleased with the seats, as they were far away, but it was all good, there are NO bad seats in the Metro Center.

During the preceding week, my mother's Aunt Geege died. I was admittedly a little concerned that this would put a wrench in our plans. She went to New Glasgow during the week and actually I suppose this just made her closer, not really inconvenient at all!

Friday night, we sent Taylor to a sleepover at Cara's, and Annika and Holly went to Katelyn's house. This was fun for them, although there were some sleeping issues with Holly and Katelyn, Annika won a new Webkinz for going to sleep first (this was already midnight tho so it's not like it was an early night)lol. Scott and I went to Stellerton to the Funeral home to pay respects to Geege and to visit with family who was gathered there. I met loads of my mother's cousin's who i had never before and saw a lot of them that I knew. It was good to go.

Saturday morning we were very tired. We went to get Holly and Annika and then we stopped to see a house we considered buying (no decisions made of course, no hurry :)) then we picked up Taylor and brought them All home to nap. They all were very tired.

After the Funeral on Saturday Mom came over to get Taylor and I, and we went out for supper (this was the only part of the plans that was put aside, we had Subway instead of the Keg like we wanted) and then we booted it to Halifax for the concert.

At this point, Taylor still didnt know where we were going! We kept her in the dark right up until we were IN the Metro Center. Then I let her see the tickets :)

She was clued in by this point and started to remember some of the songs we made her listen to all week LOL.

The opening act was really good, it was Tom Swick who I have actually heard of and he did a good show. At one point he made me laugh when he said "there after I screamed my ass off I have to sing a slow song" or something like that I dont remember.

A short break while they prepared the stage. It is actually kinda funny, the seats seemed half empty and the stage empty, then the lights went out, a curtain dropped, and THERE they were. The Bare Naked Ladies in the Flesh! LOL! It was awesome...there was a pause, then "It's Been...." and the crowd went nuts while they sang Taylor's favorite, One Week :):):)

The concert just got better from there! LOL Anyone who has been to their concert knows. LOL between some songs they carry on a little running commentary, making jokes, rapping spontaneously (maybe) and picking out people to talk about LOL. They were FUNNY! and the songs are just SO much better brought to life :)

I really also enjoyed the light show and totally used up all of my camera card taking photos of the different lights. (shh yes I know I know but I am a SCRAPBOOKER! I NEED PHOTOS!) lol

They came back for 2 Encore's and this is where they finally did If I had a Million Dollars :)
After we left it was snowing a little, but the closer we got to Truro the worse it got! It was a long long long long drive home lol. Sleep was gooooood!

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erica922 said...

wow that looks Awsome!!!!!!!!!!! im sure you girls had a great time