Friday, March 02, 2007

Taylor Turns 9

We did have Taylor's party a week early for the weather, but on Monday, February 26, 2007, at 11:54 PM, Taylor turned 9 years old! Where did this 9 years go? We have done So much in this time, I just cannot believe where and what we've been up to!
I had her, went to school, graduated, we all moved to Manitoba, bought a house, stayed for a few years, had Holly, moved home, bought another house, had Annika, and here we are...she's 9 years old! We're so lucky that they have been 9 healthy, interesting and busy years!!!

Here is a new 9 year old Taylor :) She's actually not too dramatic this morning, taking on the birthday pretty low key :):):)
On Sunday just before we left for a stampin class, Grammy gave Taylor a CD player/radio, for one that got broken last year.

Taylor opened some of her Family presents before school. She was very excited about them all :):):) She opened some headphones, a Cadoo game, a sweater, and some "older girl" underwear :)
While the older girls were at school, Annika helped me make Taylor's cake. We had to go buy it after preschool, and then we came home to make it. I taught her how to crack eggs, and fished the shells out of the cake ;) she did not like it when the eggs splattered on her. I could not convince her to put them at the bowl LOL!
When the cakes were burnt...I mean done, Annika tested them with the tooth pick. She enjoyed that and poked them full of holes.
After School Holly came home not feeling very well so she had a nap and when she woke up, Grampy was here for cake and ice cream! She didnt eat all her supper or her dessert :(

Blowing out the candles is always such a fun time :) Taylor didnt blow very well....she must have lots of boyfriends ;)
The rest of the presents from us, and those from Nanny and Grampy, then came out. Taylor got 2 books, Bridge to Terrabithia, and one of her Fairy series. (some weird name) lol.

She got 2 pairs of pants and a Fly Pen game from Nanny and Grampy, and some Fly Paper hehhee and she got a tshirt, shirt, sweat pants, more Big kid underclothes, and sweater from us. She made out Very well!
Nanny was here then for cake, and we all had our treat :)

And her birthday is over for another year! Next year it's double Digits! YIKE!

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erica922 said...

awww I didn't know it was her Birthday :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:
Hope she had had a lovely day! and pls congratulate her for me !!! Happy Birthday Taylor!!!!