Saturday, March 31, 2007

Game Day

This week the kids had a day off school. Funny, Annika did not have a day off school, so while the big kids stayed home, Annika went to school.

I had a snowball effect occur this day off. Taylor asked to have Cara come for the night, so I said it was ok. Cara is no trouble at all; In fact she's a huge helper! Then Lane asked to come for the day. Ok, Lane is no trouble. lol Aleah was coming for the day. Ok, the big kids can look after Aleah. Then Katelyn did NOT come. She spent the day with her father. ok, Holly can play with Lane, they pair off nicely. So we had 5 kids here most of the day. Thankfully Debbie picked Annika up at preschool and took her home. I was trying to figure out how I was going to pick her up with all these kids! LOL

There were a few games of MouseTrap played that day :) I remember this game when we were kids, we didnt have it but Nanny Perkins did and we loved to play it! I dont really "get" it tho LOL!

Aleah didnt so much play as she did Watch :):):)

Taylor and Cara mostly kept to themselves. They avoided everyone else (dont think THIS did not cause some issues) and really were very quiet. They did not really look after Aleah tho, Holly did most of that lol. Aleah was quite in her glory with all these Big Girls around. A nice change for her, for sure.

I used to love days off school... the charm is wearing off. They used to be nice quiet days just me and the girls. Now the kids have social lives and sheesh I cant get them alone!!!

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