Friday, March 30, 2007

Saturday Morning Sleepies

UGH Saturday morning came wayyyyyy too early today! Ive had a long long week with kids and other commitments, and now I am awake! Ive been awake over an hour and it's only 808! :(:(:( I want to blame Annika. She came into the bed and woke us up and would not go back to sleep. But we sent her off to the TV and could have gone back to sleep. So then I want to blame Scott. He said he locked up the dogs last night, and I believed him. But he meant he locked up Zoe only, leaving Dylan free to pace around the house. We have hard floors and he has toenails. "sigh" bad mix. So the dog pacing and pacing and pacing eventually dragged me out of bed. I suppose I really have to blame myself because after my responsible adult husband told me he locked up the dogs, I did not go behind him checking like he was 6, to see that he really had locked them up, and therefore I am awake at like 630!
I really needed some sleep. Really did.

So I did some card classes this week! Im not likely to post any of the cards, they are not particularly special or original. although I do need to take a photo of the project we made in Stampers' Club, It's going to be a gift so I might not post it just yet.
I did a Scrapbook class Monday night (until Midnight YIKES) then to hit some of the people who could not come, I did it again on Fridau morning and voila 2 pages done and into my book :)

Pretty much All Stampin' Up products, papers, cardstock, inks, embellishments :)
This is photos of Annika at Rushton's Beach in Brule last summer. We had gone with the Larkins and spent a night at a cottage right on the beach. Annika got up really early and would not go back to sleep, so I took her outside for a walk. She chatted and chittered on the whole time about the waves and the crabs and the sand and the rocks and the birds and the sun and the get the picture. It was really awesome time to get to spend with her and even tho it was early and I might have mentioned before my inability to cope with times before 8 am, I would do it again. I am so glad we didnt waste that morning laying in bed.

I suppose I should be glad I am awake already. I have wayyyy too much to do today :)


Wolf said...

I love everything about these layouts...the colors, the photos, everything. I want to scrap like you when I grow up! :)

Vicky said...

Very earthy and subtle...matches well with the feeling of the pics. I love when I can find a good layout to use my syamps on. Great layouts.

Whaledancer said...

I totally love the beach walking story. Love it and the layout that resulted from it. I adore it when my kids TALK to me. Not complain or whine at me but converse. So awesome.

Awesome Abby said...

ok, maybe i say this whenever i see your newest layouts...but these are my faves ever....cept for mine that you did of anna's jeans. :) LOVE these.