Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Saturday Night Class

I did an album class last week, with 16 people in attendance! A friend does a craft night for her friends, and she invited me to do a Star Album with her guests! It was Great fun! I am happy to have had lots of notice, and I could order in all the supplies ahead!

The star album was a Christmas Theme, using Stampin' Up papers and cardstock, and ribbon. It used the awesome Holiday Thyme patterned paper pack from the mini catalog!

The ladies had a good time making their albums and the other crafts, a painted angel and a very cool hammered copper tree ornament!

Sunday Night and Monday Trip

Well as tho Sunday were not already busy, we decided last minute to go see Grammy! Scott had to do some work in the Valley on Monday, and since Grammy is having a Christmas Party in December and is doing major house changes, we decided to go with him and spend Monday doing whatever Grammy needed done!
So after the parade and Taylor's skating lessons, we left for Grammy's place. The kids did NOT sleep on the way LOL (it is 2 hours plus a coffee stop and 2 pee breaks) and when we got there, supper was ready!
It was still Holly's birthday (the never ending day) and Grammy and Aunt Vicky were there with presents. Um can you believe that 2 scrapbookers and a camera toting Grammy took NO photos?? Well Holly got the Stuffed Frog she asked her Aunty and Uncle for, which so they know, she has slept with and taken to school every day since she got it, and Grammy gave her the Leapster Learning System (hooks up to tv?) she's ONE thrilled little girl and so are her sisters! And I already know that she's getting more Leapster games for Christmas! Great idea!

So Monday Scott went to Work and grammy and I spent most of the morning gathering everything we could for Garbage and recyling and putting it all over the place LOL their waste removal has a 4 bag limit and we were over that by 3 times! LOL So we put bags on the neighbor's piles and LONG story short we brought enough back in to fill her quota for the next 6 weeks. Hope Grammy doesnt make any more garbage! LOL

After dinner we moved her large aquarium to the Rec Room in the basement, moved that room around completely, and changed the Dining room around too. After supper these weary workers went home.

Tuesday Aleah was here, and there was school, piano, and then Rec Skating. Exhausted, I went to bed around 930 our time. Still fighting with a cold that wont let go.

Today I meant to paint the bathroom, honest! But I am still sitting here, I had t add drawings to an instruction sheet I wrote up for a class last Saturday night as I thought it might be very confusing in writing, and now I am craving a Western Skillet from Smitty's. This afternoon the kids go to the Doctor at 330 and then tonight I believe I am going out. hmmm lunch time nowww

The Santa Parade

After Holly's birthday cake we all bundled up and went to the Christmas Parade here in Truro. That parade always interferes with our party plans! LOL She used to think it was just for her. She also thought the tree lighting and fireworks were to celebrate her birthday. Oh to be young and the center of the universe again...

Ah well.

We took Koriya to the parade with us, and she and the girls played in the Victoria Square while we waited for the parade to start. It was not too cold when we started...

Since we Got there so early to get a good spot to sit, we likely waited about 45 minutes for the parade to get to us. It was far better than last year being ON the float, it was SO cold! The kids played in the square for awhile, goofed around a little, and met some kids around them.

When they could hear the bands coming, they sat to watch!

And Santa Indicates the EnD of the parade! It was a good parade this year, lots in it, but a long long parade! And by the end it had gotten much colder and windy, and we were glad to get home with a warm drink!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holly Turns 6!!

Holly had a birthday on Sunday! And she was happy about it (Unlike someone else!)!!

She got up all happy and had her photo taken for the first time as a Six Year Old! YAY! LOL Then she got dressed for a party LOL!

She asked enough times and finally got her presents. I like to give them before a party, so that she remembers what WE gave her lol.

She wasnt too impressed with her shirt but was more pleased with her first Bratz.

We had some cousins and friends in to have some cake and a little visit. There were some hotdogs first then Holly opened some presents from her Grandparents and Cousins.
Holly got her much covetted Tree Frog webzinz, along with clothes, a digital Littlest Pet Shop pet, and a Care Bears video game.
her cake was an ice cream cake.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Holly's First Hockey Game

Holly's hockey today was their first real game! They played something like 7 on 7 but still, it was a cute fun game!
I video'd Holly's first shift, she's improved so much and she's so cute! Keep an eye on the pink laces!

Friday, November 24, 2006

He did it again

Scott is the most wishy washy person I know. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. He wants things til he has them and then he doesnt know what to do with them. Sigh. He wanted salt water fish. He got them and he Finally got the tank and the stand the way he wanted it all. Then he says I think I will sell them. We can reduce the power bill. They take up space. On and on like that. Thursday he calls. And says he wants to trade his fish for a bird. Ya a bird that apparently I want. lol.

Sure enough he comes home with a newbie. This is No Name. Apparently we have issues naming pets. Maybe this is Jones. Or I can name him Smith and we can have Smith and Smyth. LOL Dunno. Annika wants to call him Furby. Cute. It's sticking a little. I just wish Scott would make up his mind! LOL. Sometime around 11 pm, 2 shady looking fellows drop in and proceed to empty and remove said huge tank, stand, live rocks, and all fish belonging to the tank. Visited his fish today. They are still alive...

On a side note this is apparently what I will be doing for the next little while. Aleah likes the potty. Who am I to argue? She says OOOO potty. I say Oh Yeah Baby hop right up there! Imagine if she Uses it???

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another Challenge Layout Done

Well i have been planning this for awhile but still had some troubles putting it together, I just have to let go of some baggage lol! It really is freeing to not have to be perfect but it's hard too!


OK here is my layout for you FireWolf! (See hers here: Elsie Flannigan Challenge 2, Use a Black and White Photo to focus on your photo. I used a Star with this photo because every time I saw this photo, I started singing She's A Shining Star That is what she are! lol no idea if that is just in my head? HAHAHA Also covered is the second november Biweekly Challenge at STM
The Patterned Paper is Provocraft, no idea on cardstock. Used Chipboard to make the stars, edged in Rose walnut ink :) I then used a Silver Sharpie to edge everything in sight :) I doodled and added Glitter on the background, and wrote in white Gel Pen from SU on the cardstock. The "star" is Stampin' Up's Well Worn Alphabet. The star does go off the page at the top. Better use top loading albums hehehe

Blog Challenge from Scrap That Moment! Nov 20

So it's the 21st. I dont work outside the house so the date hardly matters to me, the bon bon eating soap opera watching house wench.

Fun Jobs. I have had SO many fun jobs! There werent many I didnt like, although they all had their Bad Bad days :)

Not too much to say about pre-adult jobs. Cashier, greenhouse plant caregiver, babysitting, bus person...nothing to say about them. Fun? NO!

So then we grow up and start actually taking jobs that will help in our future. First there was Dairy Farm worker. I LOVED THAT! I love milking the cows, and even though I am certainly not a morning person, I still really loved being up at that time of day. It was hard work but it was always fun, there was lots of different things to do so one didnt really have time to get bored. I milked the cows and cleaned the barns, fed everything, then had a snack for breakfast. Then there were things to be done, usually another barn to clean, if it was hay season there was hay to be spread (I didnt cut or bale LOL) or fields to rake or something. There were crops to put in (its really fun to throw hay, no Im not being sarcastic). There were crappy days, like when the tractor had a flat tire in freezing rain, or down cows needing to be moved, or coalves out running all over the road, but that likely makes one feel better about the good days when we were painting a barn or driving around a field in that awesome hot sun watching coyotes chasing the mice we were disturbing. Or getting to attend Vet Checks and calvings, stuff like that.

Then there was working as a Vet Tech/receptionist. That was an awesome summer. Although I still dont like to do "puke", even cleaning the kennels was not a bad bad job. I learned SO much that summer about Vet work, patient relationships, and vet clinic Dynamics. What an education. I would come in most days and assist on surgeries, cleaning up afterwards, the animal care, odd jobs in the store, then take reception for a while, finish up out back, and spent the evenings on the desk. There were lots of people working there and they all worked very hard. It was a nice little family (including black sheep).

And Oh Then there was veterinarian. What a Dirty Job! LOL Despite the bad days, I sure do enjoy that job! You gotta love being puked on, pooed on, kicked, bit, crushed, landed on, and sucked in. LOL and being Wet from head to toe MOST of the time. With what was rarely water. Not much compares to being the one who pulls a live calf out, after untangling legs and heads. Or twins. It's wonderful to be able to untwist a cow's stomach and see her feel so much better, she's eating before you are even finished stitching. How much fun is it to vaccinate and check up a herd of new little horses in the spring? Or lambs? or even calves? And that's just the Large Animals :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Some Stampin Stuff

I've had a few Stampin' parties this week now and have some projects to share :)
On Thursday night we did a Faux Postage snowflakes card that was the design of my friend ANN, only hers was red and I liked it a lot :)

We also did this ornament in White with Gold embossing of a wheel.

Yesterday we did in our Technique class, Rainbow Vellum which is done with a Brayer and a spectrum pad, on vellum, so I adapted this card to show Rainbow Vellum.

And we did this ornament in Burgundy with a White Sparkle Embossing powder!

This is my take on a really simple Paper star that has been making the rounds of the internet like it's a new idea LOL

And my version of a Dryer Sheet Card I saw online ages ago :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Sleepover

What busy days we have been having! First things First! THE BOWS ARE DONE THE BOWS ARE DONE! YAY!!!! I am so glad although i dont mind doing them, that they are done, now I will have time to clean my house and do more stamping! LOL
The boxes are all filled and folded up and stacked waiting to be picked up! I cannot wait to have my living room back, I am putting the keyboard on the table I was bowing on, and Taylor can play it when she wants. She's good at practicing but I think she will do more if the keyboard is always out :)

Aleah investigated the last box before I filled it up. She had lots of fun playing in there.

Holly's hair issue has been solved without the need for timely elastics and pony tails! Uncle George brought her home an Under Armour Skull Cap, to hold her hair nicely out of the way :)

On Friday Taylor brought a friend home from school to spend the night. They played in the afternoon with Holly and Annika and Koriya from across the street, and then Holly went to Hockey, Koriya went home, and Taylor and her friend went to Gems. After Hockey I took Holly for a sleepover at her friend Katelyn's. Katelyn's momma and I happen to be friends so I prepared to stay for awhile. We planned to stamp after the kids were settled.

After a look around their MASSIVE house, we settled in to make some Pizza. The kids had a good messy time making up their meals.

Alilson and I made Pizza's too. Mine was the best one, it could only be described as having EVERYTHING SHE HAD on it :) Theirs were all meat. What's up with that??

And the Pizzas are done and ready to be baked up! Notice the initials on them? Inventive huh?

Time now to eat up the pizza and have a real treat...pop!

After food the kids played for awhile and we got into something a little nicer to drink than orange pop...Mudslides. NICE :)

Then it was craft time. We planned to stamp, while the girls did their little crafts, but there was a lot of mommy help needed, and we did that instead :)

The girls made such cute little ornaments and necklaces for Christmas! We got no stamping done at all but had fun helping these little crafty people! See their cute little jammies? LOL

After this the camera seems to have been forgotten. LOL There was more playing, then bed. Holly got shy and weepy, and I promised her I would stay. And I did. she went to sleep eventually with my keys, and in the early morning she came into where I was sleeping to join me.

We came home this morning tired lol and have had a very quiet Saturday.

Taylor went home with her friend and they went to their cottage for the night.

Holly is gone to a hockey game with her grand parents.

Annika is going with Scott to get some milk and dessert.

And I am going to go down to my little teeny craft room, and get some cards ready for a party tomorrow. YAY!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just Something to Say

There's just not a lot going on these days around here! We have settled in to our routines of School and babysitting, piano, hockey, skating, and work. I am SO close to be finished with the bows! I can almost feel finished! I have a few Stampin' Up parties for the rest of the month, and hopefully December will not be too quiet :)

Here are some "every Day" photos taken over the past...week or so.

Taylor on the phone, where she will spend the next 19 years.

Holly with hair up:)

Annika having a snack. She was looking at me then looked away when i was taking photos. Her rebellion?

Aleah playing with the cat. Her before photo :)

For the After photo...her first haircut was today! Too Cute!

The cat checking out his new toy. It sticks to the aquarium and swings around.

Attacking the new toy.

And exhausted kitty.