Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blog Challenge from Scrap That Moment Nov 15 06

Share with us your favorite Thanksgiving recipe.

Wouldnt you know it, I dont think I have ever made anything for a Thanksgiving Dinner. Seriously. Im not sure we've ever put one on. Well we must have, we spent 3 Thanksgivings in Manitoba, but for one Scott's parent's were there and I am sure the Nanny cooked it, and I cannot remember the other 2, we must have had something! Likely, Scott cooked them. I got NOTHING!

WE did Thanksgiving this year in October at Scott's mothers place And my mother's place. I was to bring Dessert to my mother's...I brought pie. And I bought them. LOL At Scott's mother's we didnt take anything. I think we might start to bring things, but it's kinda just easier not to. Yeah I know, that's bad. I dont cook. I dont really bake. I dont think the kitchen is a cheery place. I prefer to avoid cooking. Why? I have the attention span of a cat. I forget Instantly that I have anything cooking. And it almost always burns. Yesterday I overcooked Kraft Dinner to the bottom of the pot. SHEESH. better stick with Sandwiches.