Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just Something to Say

There's just not a lot going on these days around here! We have settled in to our routines of School and babysitting, piano, hockey, skating, and work. I am SO close to be finished with the bows! I can almost feel finished! I have a few Stampin' Up parties for the rest of the month, and hopefully December will not be too quiet :)

Here are some "every Day" photos taken over the past...week or so.

Taylor on the phone, where she will spend the next 19 years.

Holly with hair up:)

Annika having a snack. She was looking at me then looked away when i was taking photos. Her rebellion?

Aleah playing with the cat. Her before photo :)

For the After photo...her first haircut was today! Too Cute!

The cat checking out his new toy. It sticks to the aquarium and swings around.

Attacking the new toy.

And exhausted kitty.


erica922 said...

wow teri they are such gorgeous girls all of them, thank you for the pictures, and I love the pic of Taylor, but in a few years you're gonna have to replace that for a cell phone dear?! lol lol lol lol

Awesome Abby said...

1. Glad the bows are almost done. I remember the torture you went through with them last year!

2. Holly looks JUST like you. Period.

3. Aleah's hair cut is TOO TOO CUTE!!!

4. Cats make me sneeze.


Vicky said...

They are all growing up too long has Taylor been chatting on the phone???

Whaledancer said...

WE have a doorknob mouse toy for Monkey and he goes nuts with it. I saw the same toy at Canadian Tire for $5.99. I paid a buck at Dollarama!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

that is the cutest kitty ever!

Scrappytbear said...

LOL Thanks!
Cell Phone? I dont think so! Um well it may be inevitable, we will see :)
IM So glad the bows are done too :):)) And since Holly is so cute I will consider that a compliment :):) Sorry you dont do cats and He IS the cutest thing ever, Im not biased!

Taylor has been on the phone since she could talk. BUt now her and her friends are always on it.

Dollarama? Lets not talk about how that store puts my DH out of a job.