Sunday, November 05, 2006

Annika's Fourth Birthday Party

Saturday we hosted Annika's Fourth Birthday Party! What an exciting day! We all were up very early, getting things ready! There was some cleaning to be done (imagine that!) and Annika helped make the cupcakes and the cake!

Annika was such a good helper, I think this might have been her favorite time of the morning! She's become very FOUR and I am not going to say anything else about that.

Most of the shopping was done but there were a few things to be picked up so we ran out and got them plus a new pair of pants for Annika to wear to her party :) Scott ran Holly to Hockey and then came back to get us. I found at Walmart some most awesome canvases and I have tonnes of ideas but cant say more because of the people who READ this blog LOLOL

After we got home and finished loot bags and cupcake frosting and streeamers, it was time to get ready for people! Grammy got a difficult Annika dressed, and I asked her for a birthday photo before the party started. This didnt happen, she's very FOUR now.

So when people started to come we had Taylor take the up in the field for a few games first. The kids played Tag, Red Rover, British Bulldog (still dont know how to play that game) and Beanie Baby Toss :)

Getting chilly by this time (YES despite being lovely and sunny it did snow for about 2 minutes LOL) So everyone headed inside and played for a little while before the Hot Dogs were ready.

Everyone loves a little snack on a cold day :) After the hotdogs were consumed quick as lightening, we decorated the cupcakes and they disappeared too!

Taking a break from food, we got the presents opened, Annika got many things she loved! There were pretty dresses, puzzles (she loves puzzles), a whole stamp kit (already opened and used and abused LOL), books, games, and a Fisher Price FP3 player!

Now into the home stretch, time for the cake to come out!

Annika had some competition blowing out her candle, then got to blow it out herself LOL!

And so ended the Fourth Birthday Party for Annika!

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Whaledancer said...

I wish we had been there. I hate being so far away. waaaaaahhhh.
Looks like a great time was had by all. Excellent!