Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blog Challenge from Scrap That Moment! Nov 20

So it's the 21st. I dont work outside the house so the date hardly matters to me, the bon bon eating soap opera watching house wench.

Fun Jobs. I have had SO many fun jobs! There werent many I didnt like, although they all had their Bad Bad days :)

Not too much to say about pre-adult jobs. Cashier, greenhouse plant caregiver, babysitting, bus person...nothing to say about them. Fun? NO!

So then we grow up and start actually taking jobs that will help in our future. First there was Dairy Farm worker. I LOVED THAT! I love milking the cows, and even though I am certainly not a morning person, I still really loved being up at that time of day. It was hard work but it was always fun, there was lots of different things to do so one didnt really have time to get bored. I milked the cows and cleaned the barns, fed everything, then had a snack for breakfast. Then there were things to be done, usually another barn to clean, if it was hay season there was hay to be spread (I didnt cut or bale LOL) or fields to rake or something. There were crops to put in (its really fun to throw hay, no Im not being sarcastic). There were crappy days, like when the tractor had a flat tire in freezing rain, or down cows needing to be moved, or coalves out running all over the road, but that likely makes one feel better about the good days when we were painting a barn or driving around a field in that awesome hot sun watching coyotes chasing the mice we were disturbing. Or getting to attend Vet Checks and calvings, stuff like that.

Then there was working as a Vet Tech/receptionist. That was an awesome summer. Although I still dont like to do "puke", even cleaning the kennels was not a bad bad job. I learned SO much that summer about Vet work, patient relationships, and vet clinic Dynamics. What an education. I would come in most days and assist on surgeries, cleaning up afterwards, the animal care, odd jobs in the store, then take reception for a while, finish up out back, and spent the evenings on the desk. There were lots of people working there and they all worked very hard. It was a nice little family (including black sheep).

And Oh Then there was veterinarian. What a Dirty Job! LOL Despite the bad days, I sure do enjoy that job! You gotta love being puked on, pooed on, kicked, bit, crushed, landed on, and sucked in. LOL and being Wet from head to toe MOST of the time. With what was rarely water. Not much compares to being the one who pulls a live calf out, after untangling legs and heads. Or twins. It's wonderful to be able to untwist a cow's stomach and see her feel so much better, she's eating before you are even finished stitching. How much fun is it to vaccinate and check up a herd of new little horses in the spring? Or lambs? or even calves? And that's just the Large Animals :)

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