Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sunday Night and Monday Trip

Well as tho Sunday were not already busy, we decided last minute to go see Grammy! Scott had to do some work in the Valley on Monday, and since Grammy is having a Christmas Party in December and is doing major house changes, we decided to go with him and spend Monday doing whatever Grammy needed done!
So after the parade and Taylor's skating lessons, we left for Grammy's place. The kids did NOT sleep on the way LOL (it is 2 hours plus a coffee stop and 2 pee breaks) and when we got there, supper was ready!
It was still Holly's birthday (the never ending day) and Grammy and Aunt Vicky were there with presents. Um can you believe that 2 scrapbookers and a camera toting Grammy took NO photos?? Well Holly got the Stuffed Frog she asked her Aunty and Uncle for, which so they know, she has slept with and taken to school every day since she got it, and Grammy gave her the Leapster Learning System (hooks up to tv?) she's ONE thrilled little girl and so are her sisters! And I already know that she's getting more Leapster games for Christmas! Great idea!

So Monday Scott went to Work and grammy and I spent most of the morning gathering everything we could for Garbage and recyling and putting it all over the place LOL their waste removal has a 4 bag limit and we were over that by 3 times! LOL So we put bags on the neighbor's piles and LONG story short we brought enough back in to fill her quota for the next 6 weeks. Hope Grammy doesnt make any more garbage! LOL

After dinner we moved her large aquarium to the Rec Room in the basement, moved that room around completely, and changed the Dining room around too. After supper these weary workers went home.

Tuesday Aleah was here, and there was school, piano, and then Rec Skating. Exhausted, I went to bed around 930 our time. Still fighting with a cold that wont let go.

Today I meant to paint the bathroom, honest! But I am still sitting here, I had t add drawings to an instruction sheet I wrote up for a class last Saturday night as I thought it might be very confusing in writing, and now I am craving a Western Skillet from Smitty's. This afternoon the kids go to the Doctor at 330 and then tonight I believe I am going out. hmmm lunch time nowww


Didi said...

Oh my goodness you have me exhausted reading about all that moving things around and cleaning and driving and all!!! Yikes! Calgon take me away!!!!! :)

Kara Jones said...

I've got moving around to do too! But I'm still sitting here on my fanny, browsing blogs!