Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November 6th it SNOWED

Ok Since the party ive been a little low with a cold, it's currently been medicated into the background so I am tossing a few thoughts and photos out here :)
Holly's biggest challenge to this date with HOCKEY has been her hair. Yes seriously. no word of lie, her hair. Weve tried lots of things including pony tails, barrettes, kerchiefes and headbands. No matter what we try it falls from under her little helmet and right into her eyes. And for some reason this is really bothering her! She told her father she was going to QUIT hockey because her hair bugs her. So what are the choices? Cut bangs? I dont wanna cut bangs LOL. Um quit hockey? HEllo?? I dont think so. We've come up with this attempt :)

This smocking hairdo with it's tonnes of elastics keeps her hair tightly back! LOL I can do it Friday afternoon, and it stays in for Friday AND Saturday hockey practices :) I think we have a solution!

Poor Annika still has no interest in being 4. She tells anyone who asks that her birthday was not good, and that she is not being 4. Well I can tell you she IS being four which means obstinate and stubborn and cranky. LOL

So yesterday was Monday. And it snowed. More than the 2 minutes of flurries on Saturday, it actually snowed. For quite a while. And Quite heavy off and on. LOL It didnt last long (naturally it's all gone now) but the kids loved it while it was on the ground!

Little K came home with us from school and the kids had a little bit of time to play outside before the mama came to get her...with PIZZA YAY and with these funny little stampers that you lick and stamp....and then eat. I have never seen these before! How entertaining are they? LOL they decorated their faces more than anything else HAHAHAH~!

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Whaledancer said...

Holy crap! Dig the snow ya got!
We've had flurries but NOTHING like that yet.