Monday, November 13, 2006

Blog Challenge from Scrap That Moment 11/13/06!

what if YOU were a scrapbook item, just what would you be and why? Blog about it, make a layout about it, for now, fantasize!
Ok this cracks me up !lOL Because i know exactly what I am.

I am Chipboard. Not chipboard flowers, more likely some kinda chipboard letters. Im not frilly and flowery, I contain loads of knowledge and information (get it? Letters... information...get it??)

Ok So I am chipboard. I am pretty strong, can hold up to a lot, and am not particularly pretty. But you can dress me up, use a little make up, a little paint and sand paper, a lot of patterned paper, and I can look great! I would take up alot of space on a page LOL and wouldnt mind being the "focus" as long as there was another focus (photo) to eventually take all the information.

That's me. Chipboard. I might or might not get around to scrapping this but of course I had to write it down before I forget!!!


NancyJones said...

hahhahaha that is a good one TL that fits you girly!

Jocelyn said...

Very clever! I love how you did that! I still have to work on mine. I know what I am, I just need to blog about it. Check it out in a few....


Nikki Cleary said...

thanks for all the nice comments on my blog...
if you want to start in with us on the elsie challenges you are more than welcome, just let me know and when we post our LO's on tuesdays, I will link to your blog as well!
..there are 3 of us and we post challenge #9 tomorrow

erica922 said...

awsome question, I WOULD LOVE TO BE STITCHES lol lol lol, my favorite element!