Friday, November 24, 2006

He did it again

Scott is the most wishy washy person I know. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. He wants things til he has them and then he doesnt know what to do with them. Sigh. He wanted salt water fish. He got them and he Finally got the tank and the stand the way he wanted it all. Then he says I think I will sell them. We can reduce the power bill. They take up space. On and on like that. Thursday he calls. And says he wants to trade his fish for a bird. Ya a bird that apparently I want. lol.

Sure enough he comes home with a newbie. This is No Name. Apparently we have issues naming pets. Maybe this is Jones. Or I can name him Smith and we can have Smith and Smyth. LOL Dunno. Annika wants to call him Furby. Cute. It's sticking a little. I just wish Scott would make up his mind! LOL. Sometime around 11 pm, 2 shady looking fellows drop in and proceed to empty and remove said huge tank, stand, live rocks, and all fish belonging to the tank. Visited his fish today. They are still alive...

On a side note this is apparently what I will be doing for the next little while. Aleah likes the potty. Who am I to argue? She says OOOO potty. I say Oh Yeah Baby hop right up there! Imagine if she Uses it???


Vicky said...

Quite the collection of animals...maybe you should just open up a pet store.LOL!!!!

Joanne Bain said...

Thanks for popping into my blog...We have a cockatiel He is called Eddie. He is a great pet and can talk like you wouldn't believe. I think you might enjoy your new addition.
Have a great day