Thursday, November 02, 2006


Halloween was as expected a crazy day here! The kids woke up hyper, their "ride to school" brought treats, Caramel apples, and after the kids finally went to school, Annika dug right into hers!!!

After school Taylor had Piano lessons and after that homework, then finally supper and we let them dress up!

Taylor got the fancy make up this time, she was again a Diva Witch (she says Just a little Goth) and she got lots of pretty accents :)

Holly changed her mind about being a Spider-Person, she considered Hockey Player but settled on Scooby Doo, it was chilly and she figured it would be warmer. :)

Annika stuck with Kermit but wanted a little more "face" this time so she got extra eyes AND spots :):):)

Finally all ready to go out :) Scott dressed as the Hockey Player and we made him some bruises. He told everyone I beat him...I say i used the Hockey Stick :):):)

They did the neighborhood while I gave out treats here, then we made a few "car" stops to friends' places, finishing in Old Barns at Aleah's house, Nan and Gamp's house, and finally Nanny's. Cleaned up and went home, 2 kids were already asleep! What a night!!

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tspwlv said...

Too TOO cute!