Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holly Turns 6!!

Holly had a birthday on Sunday! And she was happy about it (Unlike someone else!)!!

She got up all happy and had her photo taken for the first time as a Six Year Old! YAY! LOL Then she got dressed for a party LOL!

She asked enough times and finally got her presents. I like to give them before a party, so that she remembers what WE gave her lol.

She wasnt too impressed with her shirt but was more pleased with her first Bratz.

We had some cousins and friends in to have some cake and a little visit. There were some hotdogs first then Holly opened some presents from her Grandparents and Cousins.
Holly got her much covetted Tree Frog webzinz, along with clothes, a digital Littlest Pet Shop pet, and a Care Bears video game.
her cake was an ice cream cake.

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erica922 said...

Hi Teri, CONGRATULATIONS to Holly on her Bday!!! wow, Marina is 6 too :) and looks like she had so much fun with all the activities that day! the cake sur elooks yummy!!! Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures!!! Miss ya