Monday, July 02, 2007

I Golf Therefore I Am...

A golfer. Cause I might have mentioned that I would consider golfing. If ya know how Scott gets when he gets something in his head...Remember our fun with Buying a Car last summer?? OK well he was like that with the golf clubs. Only worse. Cause it's a smaller amount of money, he was more willing to waffle on which clubs, and how much we were going to spend on them. I said I would consider a starter set of clubs. Not a really expensive set of clubs. Not something that would last forever. Just a starter set. And I really LOVE woods, so the newer Hybrid clubs that are not irons or woods but both. And Im getting better at irons.

So we started looking and it turned into yet another marathon of stores. And we checked every store we came anywhere near. And even drove out of our way to go to a few. Until they all started to look the same. And all I really wanted was some clubs to swing. Nothing pink. And maybe a bunch of hybrids. And not to pay too too much.

Eventually after trying a few sets and Scott bouncing from one cheap set to a really expensive set to a mid range set and back again, I got a little tired. And all I wanted was a set that wasnt pink. lol

So he goes and buys a set himself. And brings them home. Now to give him credit, he happened across a really good set that were cheaper than most, for some reason. Just a lucky find. and he got a bag and cut down and regripped a putter for me. SO I am outfitted. He's come home with some lady balls. and some markers and tees. Im getting a nice little collection in my bag LOL!

These clubs are kinda colourless which is good. LOL I didnt want anything PINK about my clubs. Ignore that the putter is regripped in pink. IGNORE it.

So he brings them home, and we go out to the field behind the house and hit some. That field gets pretty small. I cant use the Driver. I might break things. But I did use some Hybrids and irons. We hit back and forth a few times and then hit some more later. Even in the field I found water....I hit 4 into the pool. And once I bounced one off the top of the house we put them away.

On Friday we went to a Driving Range and hit a little bucket of balls. Just when I think I am getting the hang of it, Scott makes me "think" too much and I started doing terribly! LOL I guess it's a head game, and I hit enough good to go back out and try again.

Friday night after Supper Scott conned his mother into watching the girls while he took me out golfing. For Real. In Debert. At a 9 hole course. With all the flies. And the bugs. And the bunnies. And woods where i lost my ball. My pretty Lady Ball. It was orange. If its out there I would like to have it back. but I dont even know which Hole I lost it on. lol
First thing he did was mark off all the pars and make Teri's Par. and he was really kinda about crappy ball placement and stuff like that. lol So we played 9 holes. And I did badly. But I hit enough good times to go back and do it again. And now since he won me a nice shirt I have a nice golf shirt to go with my golf bag. now I need a visor and some fancy shoes. And a glove. And a pink umbrella. And more lady golf balls that dont make me look fat ;)

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