Saturday, July 28, 2007

A hot night spent yes in the pool

Again. Well we have the pass, we might as well use it!
Monday night Taylor had baseball at the park, so we thought we might as well go to the pool while they played.
Annika and Holly were very happy to be nice and cool, although I think they were a little tired and cranky.
Cheery smiles :)

getting cool!

They started out paddling around, playing really nicely together in the beach area.

Annika loves to have someone to play with :) she gets lonesome when they all leave her and doesnt even want to swim with me!

And soon Holly found a little buddy who would swim on all the hard things with her. She comes over and says Mommy meet my new friend. I say Hello friend, What is your friend's name? Holly didnt know lol! So Holly and Harley went on the diving board and slide for like over an hour together.

from a corner of the pool area I could see the game going on! It looked HOT! LOL We got to see the end of it after the pool closed, and Taylor's team WON their first game of the year! LOL It's been a little tough going!

Annika got herself into a little snit and decided not to swim anymore. She followed us around, laying out her towel and sitting on it everywhere we went.

No one loves me.

You simply cannot talk her out of this mood. So ive been ignoring it to a point.

and the slide, the wonderful slide HAHHAH!


Susan Blanton said...

Wow, looks like your having a wonderful summer.

Boo said...

Love the pool photos! What a great thing to have and use. Love the "no one loves me" photo of Annika. LOL

Vicky said...

they are like little fish!!!!