Thursday, July 05, 2007

Canada Day 2007

Was spent this year in a similar way to years way past. We somehow got away from spending the time with friends, instead going to the parade and meeting occassionally with others. Last year I think we had a BBQ here at the house. All fun, but it was great this year to go back.
To spending the day with the Camerons' and the Yuills'. Like we sorta used to.

Often before it had been a BBQ for supper, followed by a bonfire on the marsh with fireworks across in town. We had hosted before at Black Rock, no fireworks but great atmosphere. That was when there were only 2 kids, and they were both small. Now there are 8 kids, and they are not small anymore!

We went a step further this year and after the parade (which we skipped) we met the others at McElmon's Pond near Debert. There are awesome walking/biking trails there, and a neat little pond/lake. IT was close to town but not in town at all!

When we got there, the kids were already biking. There was some kite Flying going on. We tumbled everything outta the car,Took a few photos, and hopped onto bikes. In we went, around the trail that was about a kilometer and a half. Big and little kids alike were biking. Poor Annika, her training wheels could not handle the tree roots so she and Daddy turned back.

After we made it through the trails once, Scott and I went back in to find Dylan who had disappeared. "sigh". found he had gone home right after we left so we followed him lol.

we played some ball and played with the dogs, and didnt really use half what we brought to play with cause the kids were really having fun :)

The kids decided they should go swimming, so in they went in their underwear because no one expected they wuold actually go swimming there :)

It looked refreshing but was quite cold too, they didnt seem to care!

I wasn't so sure that Annika was going to go in the water...

But she did! She didnt get in as far as her sisters but she went in and played too!

After everyone got out and dry and warm it was time to eat! We had a BBQ cause we brought one on the truck LOL and some salads and dessert! :)

Everyone had lots to eat before heading out again on the trails, some on bikes and some on foot.

These trails were amazing. Nice and clean, with bridges and walk ways over the wet spots, running close to the "pond" in many places.

Zoe came along for the walk. She really loves being out with us!

I could barely keep up with these kids! The older ones were on bikes but the little ones were on foot and they decided i was a monster and kept running away from me! LOL! YIKES! The youngest isnt even 3 yet, I couldnt keep up with him!

Annika was my trail buddy, posing on every tree stump.

And these smart, cute kids decided they should have their photo taken on this bench, tooooo cute!

Lovely view of the water...

The little boys are good friends :)

Annika using a fern as a parasol. Apparently I am the only one who ever did this.

The whole pack of kids near time to leave. :) I hope they remembers days like this forever.

The kids had another bike ride and flew the kite again before we left.

Even Annika got to fly it!

Our site, where were basically moved in for like 4 hours, then moved back out.

After the day we went back to the farm and had our bonfire, this year not down on the march but up closer. We got a little wet, had a huge fire, roasted marshmallows and weanies, and chatted for like 2 hours! Sometime around midnight we all headed home!

Will post photos later :) When someone sends them to me!


Sylvia said...

WOW !!! Great pictures and wonderful nature. It looks like you had a lot of fun !!!

Wolf said...

Fabulous photos and it looks like you all had such a great time...I guess now I can forgive you for abandoning me monday!

Vicky said...

The kids look like they had a full fun day. We did absoluetly nothing for Canada..Trent worked and I was home.

Nik Just Nik said...

Great photos as always TL!!! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day....

Did you remember to sing Happy Birthday to me... LOL!!!