Monday, July 09, 2007

Scott's Vacation Project

A project for Scott's vacation, he is determined to finish before the end of his vacation Today! LOL
He started a walk way and stairs to the front door (to save the struggling lawn) by digging the steps and sod out.

We have struggled a little with how to do the steps, with rocks, with square stones, or something. Eventually he settled on using a square beam sorta thing, cut to fit.

Then he got the slate from the Old Barns, and started to set it into the gravel he shovelled into the walkway.

It's almost done now, getting a little more Crusher Dust from Kent's (uh oh) and then it will get done!


Nik Just Nik said...

It is going to look great....Good Luck to Scott to get it finished and WELL DONE!!!

erica922 said...

well, so far looking very good dear!tfs

Vicky said...

He must be just about finished ny now????